vB Google Adsense for Search plus Integration

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This is the same version as 3.7 as I've had a few reports that it works just fine in 3.8. Plus, I have it running on 3.8 with no issues.

Step 1:
You may have to resetup your adsense. If you do, you will get a new pub ID - this one includes your previous pub and tacks on your GALT (which is set up when you resetup your adsense account). I used www.christianboards.org and www.google.com (so it would search my site and the web - you can choose only your site, or any location that is web-accessible for results)

Example: partner-pub-0123456789012345:lnucfbm5dtp

If your partner-pub ID does not look like the example, you will see an error.

Also, keep in mind, all sites you put into the box for the adsense (one per line) will be integrated into the search and the search results.

Step 2:
Edit your searchresults.php file.
You cannot view code until you prove your license status
Put your correct value.

Example: chdir('/var/www/vhosts/yoursite.com/forums/');

Step 3:
Upload this file your forum's root. An example of your forum's root is below.

Example: http://www.yoursite.com/forums/searchresults.php

Step 4:
Install the product
Go to Admincp => Plugins & Products => Manage Products => [Add/Import Product] => Browse for product-davidw_vb_google_search.xml => Import

Step 5:
Configure your Admincp options
Go to Admincp => vBullitin Options => vBulletin Options => Find vB Google Search (Adsense) then click [Edit Settings]
Edit your new Partner-pub ID (the one you just had reset up - see example in red above), Google box width, iframe widthfor your results (I use 800 in the screenshot, but you can change this based on your needs), and the full URL to your searchresults.php.

NOTE! If you do not enter these in, you will see errors.

Step 6: Optional
Edit 1 template:
Admincp => Styles & Templates => Style Manager => Edit Templates (on your style) => Search Templates => search_forums => under $navbar, add $google_siteadsearch

Step 7: Optional (for vBAdvanced 3.x only)
vBa CMPS => Default Settings => Main Options => Portal Output Global Variables

Add these variables:

=> Save

vBa CMPS => Edit Modules => Search Forums => Select Action => Copy Module

Main Options
Module Title Google Search site / Forums
Template To Include search_google

Module Wrapper Template Options
Form Code Replace default code with
You cannot view code until you prove your license status
Click Save
Edit locations where you want to set this active to.




Thanks for you!

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