[EvilB] MyPimpScript 3.0 RC4 [GRiNDERZ ONLY]


The long awaited update, with massive thanks to Liam-O for all the hard work he's put into helping me get the decoded files!
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\/  Release by EvilB   \/ 

[Script Info]------------------------------------------------=
* Script name   : MyPimpScript 3.0 RC 4                                    
* Supplied by   : Liam-O                                
* Nullified by  : EvilBenking                                
* Status        : Nullified                                 
* Tested by     : EvilBenking                                 
* Protection    : Removed                                     
* Homepage      : http://www.mypimpscript.com/                        
* Release type  : PHP/MySQL                                         
* Price         : What's that?                                

This game will make your members virtual pimps where they can
do anything they want and it's all legal! They will need to
scout for hoes and thugs, buy different types of weapons to
protect them and use their thugs to attack other pimps with
11 different types of attacks.
The objective of this addictive game is to achieve the highest
networth: This is done in several ways, one is by purchasing
items in the store such as weapons, drugs, different types of
vehicles, hiring thugs and buying medicine and condoms for the
hoes to use. Another way is simply attacking other pimps and
stealing their property and hoes with the different types of
attacks.You can also virtually pimp your hoes to get more cash
or putyour money in the bank to receive interest every hour.
The networth is automatically alculated from many variablesand
all things are taken in consideration. You as the admin have
total control over the game through an advanced admin panel,
you can track members' actions, manage rounds, manage news,
manage advertisements and add-ons and many many more features
you will never find anywhere else! This ame is very, very,
very addictive and fun for you and your members. With his
advanced script you can create your own crazy, addictiveand
fun online pimp game!

[Info About Release]-----------------------------------------=

Just upload all the files.
Notice: this is RC4, it's not been publicly released yet so
here it is special for you guys! I've fixed the addons ;)
for instructions.
This is a PRIVATE -retail- not yet released version however
the remaining encoded licensed files have been decoded and
all protection has been removed!
If you like the product you should buy it!

Oh and for your enjoyment I've included ALL of teh addons ^_^

Enjoy this release

Greetz fly out to S, Liam-O, DGT, Grinderz Members and all
good groups in the scene! Have fun guys!


支持: DeadFire
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