vBa CMPS v3.1.0 发布!

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    vBadvanced CMPS v3.1.0 has been released and is now available in the Members' Area here. The main focus of this release was vBulletin 3.8 compatability, though a few new features and options have been added as outlined below.

    Changes Since v3.0.1
    • Attachments in news posts will now make use of vBulletin's lightbox if the lightbox is enabled in your forums.
    • New settings with the current poll module to allow you to wrap long poll questions and choices and prevent layout issues. (link)
    • New setting to allow closed polls to be shown in the current poll module.
    • Navbar links added by vBulletin Blog and Project Tools are now automatically prefixed with your forum's URL.
    • Admin CP settings which let you choose a specific thread will now show a maximum of 10 threads within the setting (useful for those who have many threads selected and are used to the threads selected filling the settings page).
    • New setting with the stats module to allow a choice on whether forum permissions are applied to the stat counts.
    • Option with the Today's Birthdays module to separate members by commas or a new line.
    • The Admin CP Diagnostics link will now check to see if each of your CMPS plugins and product is active.
    • The "Process PHP File Modules Within A Function" feature will be automatically disabled when calling a vBulletin file (via integration) that unsets the $bbcode_parser variable. This is done in common files such as usercp.php and poll.php, and this change will prevent a fatal error from being displayed when integrated modules use the BB code parser.
    • All currently known bugs & issues have been corrected.
    Files Changed Since 3.0.1
    • forum/admincp/vba_cmps_admin.php
    • forum/admincp/vbacmps_install.php
    • forum/includes/vba_cmps_adminfunctions.php
    • forum/includes/vba_cmps_include_bottom.php
    • forum/includes/vba_cmps_include_top.php
    • forum/modules/birthdays.php
    • forum/modules/currentpoll.php
    • forum/modules/navigation.php
    • forum/modules/news.php
    • forum/modules/onlineusers.php
    • forum/modules/popular_tags.php
    • forum/modules/recentthreads.php
    • forum/modules/stats.php
    Templates Changed Since v3.0.1
    • adv_portal_newsbits
    • adv_portal_newsbits_attach_thumb

    Problems or Questions?
    Please create a new thread in the appropriate vBa CMPS 3.0 forums. Please do NOT reply to this thread for support!
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    vBa CMPS 3.1.0 完美繁簡中文化版已釋出!

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    一直想去你的论坛看看,可是 我们中国电信貌似访问不了~
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