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Here are both FlippingBook and Magnifier Class

FlippingBook Flash Component v1.8.8

Premium pageflip component info
The page flipping component provides for software page caching. This allows caching control and provides maximum comfort for the users. No more annoying blinks while another page is being loaded from the browser cache.
Where necessary, you may perform all the component settings from an external XML file that supports all the setting capacities of the development environment, for example, change page order or any other parameter – just edit the XML file.
This is the world's only flash development that provides such a great page flipping animation control opportunity. You may define page flipping and return speed and the speed of the gotoPage function. You may set the autoflip to respond to mouse pointer located near a page edge. Or, you may disable any response to mouse clicks leaving only the autoflip working, and create any user interface on the page. Users will not be distracted from the page at every mouse click anymore.
The page flip is known to have high CPU resources requirements, therefore our component was initially designed to save CPU resources. On average, this component works 30% more efficiently than its known counterparts.
If you want to make a nice looking book with front and rear cover pages, you no longer need to create transparent pages: all you need is to control the Always Opened parameter.
In spite of its size, this component has the most powerful API. You may dynamically create component copies, control them during the work and trace, at the flash player level any component generated events. You may extend the component any way you want – your only limit is now your own fantasy.
The component usability is so designed that even someone not familiar with its properties can make a full capacity movieclip with page flipping in just a few seconds. Believe us: having installed the component and prepared the images or animations for the pages you'll create your first movie with page flipping in less than a minute.
The component is delivered in the form of an MXP file so it will be installed on your computer automatically and become available on the components panel.

Premium pageflip component features
Basic features
  • The simplest page adding procedure ever
  • Simultaneous support of pages containing library symbols, external SWF files and JPEG images
  • Page Preloader (you may edit it or disable as necessary)
  • 2 page caching modes (full preloading and loading on demand)
  • Support of Adobe Flash Player Versions 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Possibility of component setting either from the IDE or with an external XML file
  • Most powerful extension tools (component API)
  • Optimal use of the CPU resources
  • Small target file size (10 Kb)
Animation control
  • Animation control (page flipping speed, shadows depth and background color)
  • 2 imaging styles (with or without cover page support)
  • First book page number control
  • Fully controlled automatic page flipping (autoflip)
  • Pages can be flipped with or without mouse clicking
  • gotoPage function (any page)
  • Support of any flipping sounds (through an external mp3 file or a sound library symbol)
  • Preloader editing and disabling possibility
Additional features
  • Efficient software caching (no reloading or page blinking when flipping – nobody else can provide anything comparable)
  • User friendly Live Preview
  • Detailed documentation
  • Intelligent usability (creation of a standard catalog takes 20-30 seconds)
  • User friendly installer
Magnifier Glass Component v1.0.0

Interface Description

The component comes in the form of one window with several control elements:
View area
Contains an enlarged image of book pages found under the component. The background field (beyond the boundaries of the pages) is filled by solid color (you can choose the color using the Background Color component parameter
Zooming slider

Enables the user to change the current zooming rate of the book pages. Maximum and minimum zooming rates are set via the Default Magnification and Maximum Magnification component parameters
Resize button

Enables the user to change the size and proportion of the window
Close button

Removes the component and restores the operation of the book itself

Contains any text you determine

Component Parameters
During the operation of the component the book becomes inactive (user commands are ignored right up until the magnifier glass is closed).
A Boolean parameter. Determines whether or not the magnifier glass will be visible when the component starts up. The component is not visible by default.
Default Magnification

Determines the initial zooming factor of the page content. Default factor is x2
Maximum Magnification

Determines the maximum zooming factor of the page content. The user may change the factor of magnification from the initial to the maximum value. Maximum factor by default is x3
Book Instance Name

Instance Name of the book component. This parameter is obligatory and has no default value.
Background Color

Color of the page background field. This color will be used to imitate the book’s background. Default value: #CCCCCC
Text of the window header. Default value: Close Up View
Large Version ID

An identifier that can be used to set the URL of large page versions in the Book Pages parameter of the book component.
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