WPtouch Pro 2.8: Video improvements, new Web App & iPhone 5 options, more!




We’re happy to announce our latest release of WPtouch Pro, version 2.8!

Key updates in this release include improved video functionality. We’ve addressed issues related to how WPtouch Pro handles HTML5 video, video inserted using traditional embed techniques, and video inserted using various popular video plug-ins for WordPress.

We’ve also added new iOS6 and iPhone 5 options and implemented a couple of fixes that address iPad rendering issues.

Update to WPtouch Pro 2.8 today to take advantage of these new enhancements and a number of additional updates and fixes (full list below).


* Added: New option to set custom Web-App home screen title (iOS6+)
* Added: New option to set iPhone 5 4-inch Retina startup image
* Added: Better fluid width video options & control, including Chris Coyier’s method
* Added: WPtouch Pro now sets the controls attribute for HTML5 videos automatically in Classic
* Changed: Removed obsolete files and references in admin, Classic theme
* Fixed: Minor admin settings toggling bugs
* Fixed: Letter-boxing on iPhone 5 in Web-App Mode
* Fixed: Function typo in Classic iPad template file (page.php)
* Fixed: Incorrect required dimensions for Retina iPad Landscape startup image setting
* Fixed: Default Retina iPad landscape startup image not loading
* Updated: add2home script (message bubble) to 2.0.2 (includes iOS6 compatibility)
* Updated: iOS icon generator link to http://iconswitch.me, removed PSD templates (obsolete)



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