BlackBerry Native vBulletin App




vBulletin Version: 3.8.4
Release Date: 21 December 2009
BerryBlab is a Native vBulletin Application for your BlackBerry.

This APP is currently in Beta, and I recommend that you give it to users that are able to help with the Beta Test - Meaning, they should be able to provide feedback about the app, how it works and any errors they encounter.


* Inherits all security policies based on your vBulletin setup
* Multiple Forums
* User Login
* View Forums
* View Sub Forums
* Private Messaging - View, Reply, Reply All, New
* View Latest Threads
* View Subscribed Threads
* Reply to Threads
* Create New Threads

vBulletin BlackBerry App |

BlackBerry Development is typically difficult because of the amount of different operating systems / carriers / phones.

What I need from you:

There are 2 aspects to this plugin

1) The vBulletin code
2) The BlackBerry App

For this Beta, if you can provide this thread with the following when testing:

  1. Your Forum URL
  2. Make and Model of your BlackBerry
  3. Operating System Version (4.5+)
  4. Your Provider

This app has been tested on ALL simulators for BlackBerrys with OS 4.5+ Installed. (Pearl, Curve, Bold, Bold 2, Gemini, etc.. )

The current version is not supported for Storm / Storm 2, but I will release a Storm version once we have the major bugs out of this one.

Current Hardware Tested Phones:
  • 9000 Bold - Rogers
  • 8520 Curve / Gemini - Fido
  • 8310 Curve - Rogers
  • 9630 Tour - Bell
  • 9700 Bold - Rogers

Screen Shots

vBulletin Install

- Download the attached vBulletin Code
- Unzip to your forum root directory.
- There will be one file in your root named mobiforum.php and a new directory called m_functions​
- Find the config file in /m_functions/config.php and edit it to your needs
- Change the icon "forum_large_icon.png" to your forum icon.

BlackBerry Install

Use your BlackBerry browser to surf to:


You can let your users download this via QR code

image location:

Open Blackberry Messenger 5.0
Press the Blackberry button and scroll to "Scan a group Barcode"
Click "Yes" to surf to the JAD file.

Once installed:

- Open the software
- Press the "BlackBerry Key" and select "Add Forum"
- Type in the full Address Finder and Addresses Lookup - to your forum, (where you extracted your zip file), including backslash.

That should be it. Your forum should be listed and you can now surf using your blackberry, natively. Use the "options" menu when you are viewing your forum to sign in.

This software comes with an Update Check for your BlackBerry, so you should only need to install it once on your phone and it will check for Updates everytime you connect with it.

You will (as a forum administrator) have to keep up with the updates on the vBulletin side however.

Forums using BerryBlab

vBulletin BlackBerry App |

Note: Your typical data usage charges apply when using this.

I will do my best to supply as much support as possible for all your phone types / forums. Please make sure you post a LINK to your forum so that I can test it on my own BlackBerry as well as add it to the list above.

Feature Requests:
- Upload Pictures
- "Wall" (and other) notifications. (Popup window?)
- replace more with pages next/previous
- add settings option for ascending descending
- add settings option for colors or pick up forum colors
- add settings option to view stickies, polls, and announcements
- add quick keys for page top and bottom like in email
- add admin/mod features
- highlighted filed for user info
- push notifications
- postbit display correctins
- images in posts

BerryBlab 0.01 / 0.84 - Nov 11th, 2009
- Beta Release.

BerryBlab 0.02 / 0.85 - Nov 12, 2009
- Fixed HTML in forum titles and descriptions causing SAX error
- Fixed "More" on Subscriptions not working
- Fixed Images not resizing properly, causing NULL error on the BlackBerry

BerryBlab 0.03 / 0.86 - Nov 17, 2009
- added error checking for adding forum - Don't have to put HTTP:// or trailing "/" anymore to add
- added user login info check
- added "b" and "t" (bottom and top) shortcuts for browsing posts / threads
- added table prefix - fix to vb plugin
- fixed master settings for connection not saving

BerryBlab .87 / 0.04 - Nov 19, 2009
- added images in threads
- added image options (compression, size, auto load) in forum settings
- added ability to "click 'on image to show full image in browser
- fixed URL links in threads
- fixed HTML Encoded display (& to & etc) in forum / thread / post display
- fixed Latest Threads not paging properly
- fixed "t" shortcut not going to top of posts in thread view
- changed the new post icons on main screen
- added a seperator line under the PM and Poster

BerryBlab .89 / 0.05 - Nov 30, 2009
- launched for registering your website on my network
- fixed busted images for GIF and PNG
- fixed some private message / posting problems

BerryBlab .92 / 0.06 - Dec 5th, 2009
- Applied 3 Retries for "Connection Timeout" errors
- Fixed "New posts" not showing in some descriptions
- Fixed some image problems


I have left in hardcoded error popups in this app so I can quickly deduce whats going "wrong" (if anything).

Please when posting an error message, post the entire message and a LINK to your forum so that i can test it!

Cheers. Download Now