Links and Downloads Manager 2.2.9-a3 多语言



What this is and does

LDM is a general-purpose link and file manager, which handles user uploads and downloads in a flexible way. A range of media players is integrated into LDM and others are included as plugin extras. LDM is described below in the first post of this thread, which also contains a brief list of the currently-known bugs.

Documentation, screen shots, etc, are provided as a Wiki at

Version 2.2.9 Alpha 3

The alpha-3 release of 2.2.9 release, adds more new features listed in the next post and works correctly (I hope) with both vb 3.6 and 3.7.

As Alpha code, you should install it for test purposes. Do not use on a live site unless you feel really confident.

Version 2.2.9 Alpha 1

The first alpha 2.2.9 release remains available for a few days until there is reasonable confirmation that alpha-3 is ok. It fixes the known compliancy problem in 2.2.8, and adds many new features. It works correctly (I hope) with both vb 3.6 and 3.7, but I post it here for convenience.

See the first post in this thread for details of what's new in 2.2.9

Please post any reports of problems and suggestions for 3.7 integration here.

Version 2.2.8

The 2.2.8 release version of LDM, available in this thread, works correctly in most respects.

To use this version, install (or keep) the 2.2.8 code and replace the initialisation file with the includes/local_links_init.php file attached to this thread. I have found only one problem, which is with the member profile integration features in LDM.

You must upgrade LDM to version 2.2.8 in order to run on VB3.7. You can do so before or after upgrading to VB 3.7. The attached initialisation file does not support older versions of LDM software. If you choose to upgrade LDM under VB3.7, a) upload the complete LDM 2.2.8 code, then B) upload the new initialisation file, then c) use vb admincp/products and plugins/upload xml..









我更新下LDM 2.3.0 alpha
After a couple of months work, I think it's time to make the alpha 2.3.0 release available for testing and comment. There are quite a lot of changes to address requests made since 2.2.9 was finished. I've not beeen able, by any means, to test every single combination, and some of the new features may still be a bit rough around the edges. So I don't recommend this for production use. I do elcome serious testing.

The most noticable change is to the 'inline comment and ratings'. These can be ajax-enabled so that quick remarks can be added without having to go to the advanced comment and rating page, and the most recent remarks can be seen on every linkbit page.

Integration of the secureurls extra makes it possible to lock down LDM links in a variety of ways, so that your users cannot email the urls to one another, or they can be time limited, etc.

Session handling has been restored and quite a number of database accesses have been removed by caching data in the vb datastore and tidying up the code.

Here is the full list of changes:

Add/Edit Entry

- Removed 'delete image' option when image has been autocreated from entry
- Minor change to autoannounce new entries phrase ldm_thread_create_body to include category name


- Keywords page lists keywords horizontally
- Linkbits page allows editing of main linkbit and catbit parameters

Category Display

- Added *category_filter_menu* setting to display/remove keyword filter dropdown
- Added *cat_default_sort_order* setting to control sort order of category lists (was *default_sort_order*)

Featured entries

- Added *featured_usergroupid_favs* setting to select featured entries from entire usergroup(s)

Media Players

- Removed .swf from filetypes handled by JWplayer and added .m4a

Ratings and Comments

- Inline comments/ratings changed to be full part of main linkbits
- Ajax-enabled ratings/comments available as an option when using inline comments/ratings
- Inline comments/ratings also available in Jukebox

Starred nominations

- Entries can be unnominated
- Nominations are no longer stacked, i.e. only user's current nomination is recorded


- *secure-urls* extra integrated into LDM, allowing download/play urls to be fully locked down
- *secure_nullindexfile* setting autocreates empty index.html files to block browing of upload/thumbs directories
- vBulletin session ids handled corrrectly throughout

User Profiles

- No longer shows LDM sections in user profile when turned off
- When LDM sections in user profile are empty, 'none' is shown as contents

Efficiency changes

- Admin and categories tables cached in vBulletin datastore and unnecessary database lookups eliminated


- *id3tag-enhancements* extended to create attribute information for wider range of video and audio files
- *JWplayer-extensions* inline player extended to play attributes that are media files
- *Wimpy* wimpybutton player extended to play attributes that are media files
- Test release of *ffmpeg-utils* - uses ffmpeg utility to grab video frame as thumbnail and to transcode video formats

Hooks and templates

- Added ldm_icons_cached after caching list of icon filenames
- Added ldm_catbit_start in ldm_get_categorybits()
- Added ldm_construct_catlist in ldm_construct_category_list()
- Added ldm_maindisplay_title in main code
- Added ldm_customfields_myentries in ldm_member_customfields_myentries()
- Added ldm_customfields_myhits in ldm_member_customfields_myhits
- Added ldm_create_post and ldm_create_thread in forums interface code
- Split links_header template into links_header, links_navbar and links_navbar_popups templates, making it easier for sites to move the LDM menu bar (move $ldmnavbar variable in links_main)

Bug fixes

- Various fixes to id3tag-enhancements extra; extra now also works within Edit Entry
- Fixed permissions-related null category bug in Edit Entry
- Minor changes to code used to highlight search results to deal with UTF-8 special characters
- Unnecessary blank line removed from category description in main displays
- Fixed byte reporting in limitaccess-by-posts extra
- Fixed keyword display/edit bug when display is filtered on keyword
- When 'link_imagesize' is left blank, LDM correctly applies VB Message Attachment -> Thumbnail Size setting
- Sequence 'search->comment->return' returns to entry's category, not the base category


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