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    预览 Pure Uploader 等待分享

    Features Drag & Drop Files Watermark (Text or Image) for image.(with position,alpha,size etc.) Thumbnail for Images Adjustable Thumbnail Resolution Icons for all types Upload for all file types Resize Image Keep Aspect Ratio for images File Filter File Size Limit Progress Bar Upload Limit Auto...
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    预览 Image Watermark 等待分享

    Reference apps on playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intencemediallc.watermark https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teapps.watermarkphoto Demo :https://www.dropbox.com/s/nkv8jpqr99fqh0g/Watermark.apk?dl=0 Main feature : - Add image from camera/Gallery -Add...
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    预览 Ultimate Watermark vQmod V4 (Out of Stock,360°Rota 等待分享

    ULTIMATE ADVANTAGES » Auto Brand/Manufacturer Logo Watermark for each product differently » Thumbnail Filter for Bypassing watermark in small pictures and product thumbnails » Page and Content Filter definition to exclude watermarking » Text Watermark support with .ttf font files »...
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    预览 Generic Popups (jQuery) 等待分享

    “Generic Popups” script lets you create different kinds of Popups; such as Tooltips, Message Boxes, Alerts, Prompts tc. with support for complex structures. The functionality of the plug-in is similar to that of jQuery, therefore, the learning curve is relatively easier.
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    预览 CSS3 Social Sign On Buttons 等待分享

    A collection of CSS3 social sign on buttons with watermarked logos of their respective brands. Includes 8 brands including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Also includes several style variations out of the box.
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    预览 Image resizer and Thumbnail creator - UltraTC PRO (php class) 等待分享

    Introduction ULTRA THUMBNAIL CREATORPRO is a php class for on-the-fly image resizing. UTCPRO allows you to create multiple (different size & settings) thumbnails from one source file. It’s easy to use and require only basics of basics of php knowledge. Learn more about usage UTCPRO could be a...
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    预览 Image Handler 等待分享

    Image Handler – class which makes working with images easier. I can crop and resize image, place watermark and use cache system to optimize speed. It can handle unlimited number of images in a single iteration. Easy modify class with comments and documentation. Has logging system for recording...
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    预览 HD Images Storage - Viral Media Script 等待分享

    Demo Account Information DEMO User username: demo@demo.com password: 123456 Admin username: admin@demo.com password: 123456 HD IMAGES STORAGE Script is a Viral media Sharing Script. This script is so easy to install and customize to make it your own. Users can sign up with google account or...
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    预览 OrakUploader - Modern Image Multi Uploader 等待分享

    Overview OrakUploader is a new, modern image multi uploader, offering a wide variety of functions. It’s based on HTML5, so it does not require flash. Easy to implement and use. Features Resizing Creating thumbnails Watermarks Drag and Drop Sorting Rotating Cropping Main Image AJAX Powered...
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    预览 Image Hotlinking Tracker 等待分享

    What is image hotlinking? Image hotlinking refers to the practice of displaying an image inside the page of a website by linking to an image hosted on another website, so that it appears to be part of the linking website. For example, a hotlinked image code can look like this: <img...
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    预览 Auto Facebook Page Video Uploader 等待分享

    Information This script is most powerful ever build, It’s Automatically Download the Video from Remote URL, Youtube or Facebook, Watermarked it using your Images (PNG, JPG or GIF no animated) and then Upload to Facebook Page, All are using just single click. Now Support the Shared File...

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