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    ALPS - Easy live wallpapers for Android 1.0

    阿尔卑斯山允许你轻松地为Android创建动态壁纸没有AndroidStudio。 阿尔卑斯山代表Android实时壁纸服务。阿尔卑斯山是稳定的,干净的,定制的能力,并提供所有功能,现场壁纸一般需要。阿尔卑斯山脉是挤满了常见任务如器Android优先类、滑块和旋转。您也可以使用Android的其他首选类。我会继续添加更多的用户请求。阿尔卑斯支持主屏幕\/发射器结合滚动或模拟滚动自动滚动,阿尔卑斯的用户不需要花费时间来微调这些常见的相互作用。 请注意,截至目前,阿尔卑斯只支持C #脚本。 请给我发电子邮件或使用统一论坛支持和功能要求。 ALPS Allows you to easily...
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    预览 Christmas Fun Special 等待分享

    Merry Christmas Every One. Happy New Year. We have bring very beautiful Merry Christmas Wallpapers and New year Wallpapers, Christmas greeting SMS and sweet Merry Christmas Ringtones. Lets enjoy Christmas Wallpaper, New year Wallpaper, New year SMS, Merry Christmas Ringtone from application ...
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    预览 WallpaperX - Full iOS 8/9 App Template for Wallpapers (Obj-C) 等待分享

    WallpaperX – Full iOS 8/9 App Template for Wallpapers (Obj-C) Sep 24th 2015 • Updated to XCode 7.x, iOS 9.x Apr 14th 2015 • Updated to XCode 6.3 Feb 26th 2015 • Updated with the latest AdMob SDK Create your own wallpapers app with WallpaperX, it’s super easy! This is a Universal full app...
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    预览 PHP Chameleon - Wallpapers Gallery Script 等待分享

    What is this script about? Well, it`s pretty simple, “PHP Chameleon” it`s a PHP script that allows you, as administrator to upload wallpapers and your site visitors to browse for wallpapers and to download them. The visitators can browse trough categories, latest added,popular or random...

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