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    Vine Cheetahs 1.0

    一般内容 此包包括以下内容:   *一个模型分为3个细节层次;水平0,1,和2。   * 4K漫反射纹理每级   * 4K每级纹理法线   * 4K每级高度纹理   * 4K环境闭塞的纹理每级 在总: 3款车型,12款材质 该资产是一个模型从包“小摆设包卷1“ 高\/ lod0 若干三角形,29164;和第 和;数字点,和14584 文件类型;文件类型     obj,PNG,EXR 贴图;纹理类型 和;弥漫性,正常,高度,AO...
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    Vine Bush Package 1.1

    12件含有低聚模型。 -漫反射纹理分辨率分辨率。 -为地形编辑器编写的模型。 大部分的对象都是三角形600-1300。 点击这里查看交互式演示 Pack of 12 pieces contains low-poly models. - 2048x2048 resoultion diffuse texture. - The models prepared for the terrain editor. - Most of the objects are triangles 600-1300. Click here to see the interactive Demo
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    预览 VideoMag - Powerful Video HTML Template 等待分享

    VideoMag is a Powerful Responsive Video HTML Template designed for video magazine, video blog or video portal. VideoMag supports Vimeo, Vine, Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch and self-hosted videos. Please notice that, the download files doesn’t contain javascript for galleries, news slider...
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    预览 Vineer - Daily funny vines microsite! 等待分享

    Vineer Vineer is a simple, straightforward script that allows you to create a “random funny vine” microsite. Users can press the spacebar for a new funny vine. Vines are automatically fetched from the vine api and cache’d every 24 hours. Vineer Features Random funny vines Configurable JSON...
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    预览 Darky - Viral Media Sharing Script 等待分享

    What’s Darky Script Darky is a PHP script based on latest version of Laravel Framework (5.2). Users can upload videos from their devices or submit from the most popular sites like: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and Vine. Also they can upload pictures. New Features One Click short...
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    预览 Meme Generator Plugin for Arwell 等待分享

    Meme Generator Plugin for Arwell. Please enter Arwell - Homepage and click on “Generate” button to see how it works. Installation Please check docs folder to find the installation guideliness.
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    预览 Smile Media - An Entertainment Viral Platform 等待分享

    Admin demo account Url: Smile Admin | Login Email: Password: password Changelog Get the latest version instantly from here: Bitempest v 1.5.0 – on our site Installer now will keep the database if you want to update CSS module JS module But in comments provider fixed Now the...
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    预览 Spanish language pack for KingMedia 等待分享

    Full Spanish language pack for KingMedia Translated manually without online translator, good spelling with corresponding tildes. To use this language pack you need obviously KingMedia script, you can buy it from HERE Pack completo en español para KingMedia Traducido manualmente sin uso de un...
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    预览 Vine Api Class 等待分享

    Best Vine Api! 1. user search 2. user profile 3. user posts 4. user likes 5. user followers 6. user following 7. post data 8. post likes 9. tag search 10. tag alternative list 11. trending tags 12. global vines 13. popular vines 14. user timeline You can do all on this class!
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    预览 Gold MEDIA 等待分享

    Features 100% Responsive Design Notifications, Email Notifications and Notifications Box Video Upload from 7 popular website: Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion Newsletter (multiple messages sender) User Accounts & Points User Voting & Levels Tags, Category and...
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    预览 KingMedia PHP script Finnish language pack 等待分享

    Translated language files from English to Finnish. Get full PHP script from here: King MEDIA - Video, Image Upload and Share - PHP Scripts Please report if there are problems.
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    预览 Media Hunt : Media Sharing Community Script 等待分享

    Site Features Unlimited Embed: Users Can post unlimited number of links Upload Images: users Can upload images Blogs : Users create Posts Blogs Links: Users can post links for different websites Unique Link: Each Post is assigned unique link Description: Users can provide...
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    预览 NIS MEDIA 等待分享

    What Our Customers are Saying Features Super Easy Installation Powerful Admin Panel Responsive Layout SEO FRIENDLY Two SEO Url MEDIA UPLOAD – images, videos from computer and from url. REAL3D FLIPBOXES NIS MEDIA and Facebook Comments NSFW USER PROFILE & FOLLOW & POINTS Badges system for...
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    预览 MediaApiWrapper 等待分享

    Now it is very easy to put content on your web sites with the help of this script. You can add video content from the most popular web sites like Vine, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion! Q: Do you have a website of media content and users which add content with their hands? A: Now, you can add...
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    预览 King MEDIA - Video, Image Upload and Share 等待分享

    Testimonials Features Image Upload & Share From Url , Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, VK, Vine, Instagram, Metacafe, DailyMotion Videos and Soundcloud Comments for Media Facebook Comments Responsive Layout User Profile & Points Tags or Category System Super Easy Installation Full Admin Panel...
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    预览 Easy Media Grabber - The Ultimate Media Downloader 等待分享

    Features: Many download modules for different sites available (1 of your choice included) Download the audio as MP3 Different video sizes/qualities available Multilangual ready Fully featured admin panel Overview over running processes with the ability to stop them Automatically removes temp...
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    预览 Arwell - Viral media, vine and gag script. 等待分享

    Welcome, this is Arwell. Arwell is a 9gag like, viral media, gag and vine sharing application. It contains an extremely powerful and functional admin panel, where you can manage gags, categories, pages, widgets, users, comments and whole application. Arwell is greatly documented and built on...
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    预览 Vine Video Posts addon for SocialStrap 等待分享

    VinePosts addon for SocialStrap – Social Networking Platform This addon convert Vine links in to video’s It adds also the vine id above the video and a responsive image over the video. When visitors post a Vine link it creates a video on the fly INSTALL Just upload the folder vineposts/ to...
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    预览 VineScope Clone 等待分享

    Features: Built using the best framework in the market. Best performance Search: Search for vines Vine: Change vine with next and right keys. Navigate: Navigate through all added vines. Categories: Manage vines in categories. Theme: Easy to add or customize theme (You get one theme in...
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    预览 Vinedrop 等待分享

    Vinedrop – PHP based platform for sharing vines. It’s packed with features but yet simple to use. Demo Link Admin Panel*: Login – admin/admin *In demo version admin panel is mostly read-only. Features TV Mode Submit vines via AJAX form Moderate submitted vines using rich admin panel Browse...