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    Useful Wooden items for Game interface 1.0

    木材图形界面 板、箭头、按钮和其他木制品 46木2d项目 这是46个手绘木制按钮,横幅,标志,标记,路标的集合。 1-6空白的木制招牌挂在晾衣绳上的一个美丽的 7-12空木指路标志 13-18空白木签西部 19-28木制纽扣(右转、左转、停止、暂停、关闭,和空间的关键 木空的电脑的Windows按钮:好,是的,没有 另一个空白的木制指路标志31-34 研究其他木材元素用于界面漂亮的比赛 wood01 - 248x304 PX wood02 - 313x304 PX wood03 - 340x310 PX wood04 - 358x320 PX wood05 - 350x314 PX...
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    Handy Tools — Useful Hierarchy / Folder Structure / Instant Editor Scripts / Level Design Tools 1.0.4

    一种用于快速和高效的水平建筑物或结构的轻质实用板。 更新:V1.0.4:新布局紧凑,圆形网格工具和各种小的补充。 ***奖金: +增加了方便的编辑器脚本包 +增加了方便的项目结构包 14(3D \/二维独立)选择为基础的工具,快速,高效的发展,水平创造或结构\/层次结构。 得心应手的工具与您的定期统一工作流程无缝。 每一步都可以解开。 更多的功能和替代图标为基础的布局将很快增加。 (见下面的文档链接-文档也可以在包中找到) 辅导的 手持工具的演示视频(YouTube) 方便工具功能: 每个工具都与一个或多个选择,并可以撤消。 -快捷键...
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    预览 Panic Android Application And Widget 等待分享

    Introduction Panic Android Application And Widget Demo Apk:Demo Apk Reference Here some reference apps that is on playstore having lot of installs , Have a look:
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    预览 Multiple Feature Values 等待分享

    What it does If you are tired creating news features to be able to select them all in one product, this module is for you! Now you can select all the values you want in the same feature!! Stop making new ones and save your time! This plugin by itself is amazing, but if you want another awesome...
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    预览 Prestashop SEO Advanced 等待分享

    What it does If you wish to have more visits, you need greater visibility in the search engines, this advanced SEO is your solution. In a fast and intuitive way you will improve your position, you win customers and sales. You don’t need to have much knowledge, we give you the necessary rules to...
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    预览 LeTabs 等待分享

    Try now LeTabs for WordPress! LeTabs transforms clean HTML structure into interactive animated tab-content widget that offers several ways of customization everyone may find useful. Initialization is automatic with default options (for unexperienced users) along with very easy way to create...
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    预览 Notifications 等待分享

    Features: Cross browser fixed positioning that allows notifications to stay in sight even when the browser is resized 4 different position presets including: top left, bottom left, bottom right, & top right Stackable notifications that allow multiple notifications at one time Easy to use and...
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    预览 PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection 等待分享

    GIT HUB PHP Functions and Snippet Collection PHP-HUB — Function Autoloader incl. PHP Function Collection This is PHP-HUB, a BIG php function collection that speeds up the process of creating an application by providing a set of 130 useful autoloaded functions. WHAT’S NEW? PHP-HUB is totally...
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    预览 usefulPHP Class 等待分享

    usefulPHP is a useful class that contains more functions, in order to permit the user to improve its process in order to create applications Demo: Live Demo