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    Google Cloud URL Shortener 1.0

    谷歌云的网址缩短服务为统一提供真正的跨平台工具的功能: •将长链接缩短为短链接 •将短链接转换为长链接 •获取缩短链接的分析 •全包括谷歌云网址缩短服务API 基于谷歌云短网址服务 警告: •一定要阅读谷歌云语音识别服务条款 •插件不包括谷歌云服务的成本 完整的源代码包括! 注: •作品il2cpp。 ·测试: ---安卓 ——iOS ——Windows ——MAC --- windowsstore •与Unity云构建一起工作。 我们喜欢听你的来信!与我们联系,分享您的意见、建议frostweep@gmail.com Google Cloud URL Shortener...
  2. UnityStore

    URL texture loader 1.0

    有了这个脚本,你可以很容易地加载从互联网的纹理。 例如,你可以在游戏中改变广告后,它被释放。在开始游戏时,你需要在脚本和纹理的图像的网址类型中输入。 纹理将被留下,如果没有互联网连接 *广告站包括 With this script you can easily load textures from internet. For example, you can change ads in game after it is released. You will need to type in URL of the image in script and texture will load...
  3. UnityStore

    Custom URL Scheme Launcher for Android 1.1.7

    你可以推出的应用程序使用一个自定义的网址计划在机器人设备,如果你进口这个资产。 功能包括: *推出一个应用程序从一个自定义的网址计划。 *从发射中检索网址信息。(网址,方案,主机,路径,查询) *新功能!它可以检查包是否安装在安卓设备上。 拜托接触如果你有任何问题的话。 You can launch the app using a custom URL scheme in the Android device If you import this asset. Features include: * Launch an app from a custom url scheme...
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    预览 iRSS - for iPad - A simple RSS Reader 等待分享

    iRSS for iPad is a simple to use RSS reader. (Comes with implementation guide). iRSS uses the combination of a UITableView and UIWebView to download and present an RSS feed to the user. iRSS is based on a Single View Application and works on iOS 4.3 and higher. Advantages of using iRSS: - Super...
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    预览 App Sharer 等待分享

    App Sharer Share any of your installed android applications with one click! Demo apk file : Demo apk Reference : Reference apps that is on playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yschi.MyAppSharer&hl=en...
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    预览 Custom Frontend Navigation URL 等待分享

    This extension help to assigned cutom URL & custom image, feature: - Custom URL - Open New Window : YES/NO - Inline CSS: custom css script - Image button: custom image URL
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    预览 NodeJs URL shortener 等待分享

    Run your own URL shortening service, or integrate one into your existing NodeJs servers. This is a pure server-side module. URL shortify README.md A NodeJs server that allows you to run a simple URL shortening server. Features User can submit a full URL and receive a short URL When visiting a...
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    预览 Custom Page Redirect Widget for Adobe Muse 等待分享

    Your site content is bound to change over time. If your visitors have bookmarked pages, or are referencing old links on other sites, or in printed material, you could be losing valuable customers. The Custom Page Redirect widget for Adobe Muse lets you automatically steer visitors to the correct...
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    预览 Bill Split Calculator 等待分享

    Bill Split Calculator is an easy meal calculator to split your bills without having to do any maths and share bills to your friends. No server side setup for this app, it using query string which appends all the data to the URL, and shorten it to make them easier to share using the Google URL...
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    预览 DropOnMe - File Sharing PHP Script 等待分享

    Start your own file sharing website with DropOnMe 2.0 PHP script. Connected to private URL Shortener! Meaning after uploading your files you get a link like http://drpn.me/XXXXX instead of http://your_very_long_domain_name.com/XXXXX. Free domain name your_name.dropon.me Purchase the script...
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    预览 WURM - Website Uptime Robot Monitor 等待分享

    WURM is a framework based website uptime robot monitoring service which you can use to monitor any number of yoiur websites. If one of your sites goes down you? robot will quick notice about problem by email so you can check your “downed” site out. Some features of WURM include: Check site or...
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    预览 PayLink - Pay by Link 等待分享

    A simple way to get paid. You don’t need to ask for payments anymore, just send a link and let the buyer pay. NO mistakes in your email, Fast, perfect to be placed anywhere, blog, twitter, etc… Account: Login : Sign In - PayLink User : admin Password : admin Features: Admin Edit website...
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    预览 HTML-Stats Checker 等待分享

    HTML-Stats Checker 1.0 HTML-Stats Checker is a lightweight PHP script, allowing you to create a fully functional website dedicated to checking how many a, img, iframe, form, meta, link, style, script, and noscript tags are on a website page. HTML-Stats Checker doesn’t require a database, and...
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    预览 Bulk URL Cleaner Script 等待分享

    Please rate this script 5 stars! Thank you This script is very quick and is design for ease of use. This script can clean (On a good computer) 100k+ urls within a minute. This script is very useful for domain searchers who come across big lists of domains and want to clear all the excess at the...
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    预览 Izy Encrypter 等待分享

    Izy Encryter is a highly secure & unique encryption script which helps to keep data like email, passwords, texts, links secured without others being able to steal or understand it. DEMO: Izy Encrypter Features The algorithm used in this script is Unique Algorithm – built by our own team which...
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    预览 URL Extractor 等待分享

    URL Extractor 1.0 URL Extractor is a lightweight PHP script, allowing you to create a fully functional website dedicated to extracting the urls of links, images, scripts, iframes, and embeds from websites. URL Extractor doesn’t require a database, and has a image-less flat modern design what...
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    预览 Easy and Responsive Image Uploader 等待分享

    Easy and Responsive Image Uploader is an easy way to upload your images and share. - Direct links ready to copy; - HTML code ready to copy; - Upload jpg, gif and png images; - Different links for each image page; - Responsive; - Ready for retina devices.
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    预览 Shortny - URL Shortener with High Validation 等待分享

    Account: Login : Sign In - Shortny User : admin Password : admin Reviews UPDATES: (V1.21) Delete Inactive URL, Fixed Serious Bugs (Updated 23 MAR 2015) (V1.11) Improved Validation (Updated 19 SEP 2014)
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    预览 URLExtensions PLUS Website Converter for PDF/PNG 等待分享

    URLExtensions Plus for PHP - Extended (plus) version of the PDF Converter plugin with added features (see basic version here: URLExtensions Converter for PDF/PNG - PHP Scripts | CodeCanyon) - Coded in PHP for using as is, or added to an existing project - Default behavior as an HTTP POST -...
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    预览 PHP Geomapping Widgets (Asia) 等待分享

    This PHP script allows you to create geomapped visualizations of your data, into widgets you can embed in your website. This script generates European continent map and maps of the 50 most populated European countries that can be rendered in 9 customezable color schemes, in all sizes. Use an...

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