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    预览 SocialChef - Social Recipe HTML Template 等待分享

    SocialChef is a fully responsive HTML template perfect for your recipe social website. This cleanly coded and very well organized template will make editing an enjoyable experience, regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or giving an existing website a facelift. Pages Home Recipes 1...
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    预览 Sing Yourself (Greeting Card) HTML5 Canvas 等待分享

    Sing Yourself is a HTML5 canvas where users can upload images of themselves or their friends, see them as singing characters. The ZIP package contains the app with 1000×600 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To Use: 1. Access camera to take photo or upload...
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    预览 Funphoto (Stickers App) HTML5 Canvas 等待分享

    Funphoto is a HTML5 canvas where you can upload and decorate your photos with stickers. The ZIP package contains the game with 768×1024 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To Use: 1. Access camera to take photo or upload photo from computer/device 2. Start...
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    预览 DZS Uploader - All purpose html5 uploader 等待分享

    Intro DZS Uploader is a all purpose html5 upload system. It can be used as a simple upload button ( example 1 ) . It can be used in a CMS with a pairing input field that gets populated automatically on file upload ( example 2 ) . Or it can be used as a complex multiple file upload solution with...
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    预览 Pure Uploader 等待分享

    Features Drag & Drop Files Watermark (Text or Image) for image.(with position,alpha,size etc.) Thumbnail for Images Adjustable Thumbnail Resolution Icons for all types Upload for all file types Resize Image Keep Aspect Ratio for images File Filter File Size Limit Progress Bar Upload Limit Auto...
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    预览 Real Ajax Multi Uploader 等待分享

    Real Ajax Multi Uploader v2.7 Description: Real Ajax Multi Uploader is a jQuery javascript plugin for creating with simplicity multiupload file system for web applications. It is based only on javascript and supports html5 uploading but also is compatible with html4. No flash, no silverlight...
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    预览 UNIVERSAL Android App - for WoWonder, PhpDolphin, Sngine, SocialKit 等待分享

    This APP is for ALL Social Networking Platform Example: SocialKit, PHPDolphin, SocEuro, Sngine, WoWonder, and many others….. This app is also compatible with any website or CMS Upload Images from WEBVIEW ( only from Android 2.1 to Android 6.0 ) Upload images from the device in the Chat...
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    预览 DZS Ken Burns Gallery /w Admin Panel - For Joomla 等待分享

    Intro Ken Burns Gallery – now in Joomla! Joomla 2.5 Compatible Please rate after purchase. Features CMS panel- select images, upload images, customise effects all in the DZS admin panel provided, which means no manual upload to a folder like in traditional Joomla plguins cool ken burns...
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    预览 The AwsmUploader: Unlimited Uploads w/o Flash! 等待分享

    The AwsmUploader lets you easily upload files of arbitrary size by drag-n-drop (built-in) or by feeding it with files from own sources (such as regular file-inputs). It was built using plain JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP (that’s all it needs). The AwsmUploader does not require any of these: Flash...
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    预览 Demo Manager - synchronize FTP and Database 等待分享

    This software lets you sync a folder or an entire site locally with other server demo or exercise thus allowing you to facilitate the management of your site. Also synchronizes entire database and does not need to have a dedicated server, just put a file in caretella to synchronize and at the...
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    预览 HTML 5 Upload Image, Ratio with Drag and Drop 等待分享

    A HTML5 Upload image tool, full use of HTML5 with canvas (with fallback options). Together with a ratio and drag & drop makes this tool ideal for use in a CMS. Features uses canvas to crop the image, no server scripts needed! want to use a server script, no problem! simple change it with...
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    预览 Ebay Product Importer 等待分享

    Description This extension allows you to import product information from Ebay. All you need to do is copy the URL-Address of the product page and Importer will import the rest: Images Title Description Meta Keywords Meta Description Importer comes bundled-up with another high-quality...
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    预览 Taobao, Aliexpress, Alibaba Importer 等待分享

    Description This extension allows you to import product images from the most popular online stores in the world. All you need to do is copy the URL-Address of the product page and Importer will do the rest. Importer comes bundled-up with another high-quality extension for easier and faster...
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    预览 File Uploader Muse Widget by Muse For You 等待分享

    Add A File Uploader Form to your Adobe Muse website that allows visitors to upload files from your Adobe Muse website.
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    预览 Adv Opencart FTP 等待分享

    AdvFTP is a smart, fast and lightweight file manager extension. It operates from Opencart back-end so you don’t have to use any FTP program anymore. You can browse folders, create, edit, copy, move, delete, search, upload and download files and much more. Features : Browsing files and folders...
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    预览 Downloads Page for PrestaShop 等待分享

    The Downloads Page module lets you upload files to your PrestaShop. Every file can have attached an image, a title and a description (both in multiple languages). This module also lets you to edit, reorder and delete the uploaded files and the attached information using the control panel. You...
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    预览 ezEditTable - Enhance HTML Tables 等待分享

    ezEditTable 2.3.1 is a javascript code aimed at enhancing regular HTML tables by adding features such as inline editing components, advanced selection and keyboard navigation. With just a line of code you can easily convert a regular HTML table in an advanced editable and selectable grid...
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    预览 CSS3 Progressbars 等待分享

    CSS3 Progressbars Beautiful and clean piece of pure CSS3. No JavaScript needed! 9 basic colors Utlimited color combinations thanks to the transparent patterns Pure CSS3 animations Custom width Easy to make captions Easy progressbar deactivation Documentation included
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    预览 SocialBuzz - Ultimate Social Media Portal 等待分享

    SocialBuzz Script lets you create content based social networking website. Where users can create their custom profiles post content. follow other users, send them messeges, like their content, leave reactions, comment or share. Its never been so easy to create Viral Content publishing websites...
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    预览 Droply.js - PHP minimalist responsive file uploader 等待分享

    Supports chunk upload Professionally crafted using latest HTML5/CSS3 web technologies How can Droply fit into your PHP project ? Droply provides a simple backend PHP processing class that enable you to integrate this plugin to any PHP framework professionally. The plugin can intelligently...

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