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    CG Upgrade System for uMMORPG 1.0

    这个插件需要ummorpg 设置 这是一个ummorpg升级系统 特征: 升级你的装备,药水等。 有成功率每提高水平,你可以轻易地改变CGUpgradeSystem,变量名:upgraderates This addon required uMMORPG SET-UP This is a Upgrade System for uMMORPG Features : Upgrade your gear, potion etc… There are success rates for every upgrade level, you can change it easily...
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    预览 Update Wizard for PHP Developers with Changelog 等待分享

    Automatic Update your PHP Scripts Update Wizard is an dynamic update system, like e.g. in WP Update Wizard For Developers It can be integratet in your owne PHP Script, check for updates and download the new updates automatically and upgrate your script and as a FREE EXTRA: create your custom...
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    预览 Responsive Infinite Upgrade Box Generator 等待分享

    Create an unlimited number of upgrade boxex with this simple css file. The zip file contains: Php generator – allowing you to generate boxes very easily Css file, along with pie fix for internet explorer(gradients and round border etc.) Documentation Icons for available and not available html...

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