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    预览 SMS Confirmation for Order and Shipping - Magento Extension 等待分享

    This SMS messaging extension for Magento provides the capability to send SMS messages to confirm customer orders and/or shipping information. With shipping period reducing up to same day delivery, an SMS message is likely read instantaneously, giving your customers peace of mind about their...
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    预览 Make a Phone Call directly from Your Website! 等待分享

    Allow your visitors to call your phone directly from your website! Using their built it microphone, no handset required. Copy the script onto your server and navigate to it through your web browser, it will direct you to easy installation script which should take just 5 minutes! HOW IT WORKS **...
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    预览 BookingWizz SMS Reminders 等待分享

    BookingWizz SMS Reminders adds option to send reservation reminders to your customers mobile phones through following SMS gateway providers: Plivo, Twilio, BulkSMS, Tropo, Nexmo, TelAPI, Cdyne, TextMagic, CallFire, TextLocal. + you can customize SMS text + you can customize time when SMS has to...

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