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    预览 Joomla Newsticker Module 等待分享

    Don’t forget to rate Joomla CT Newsticker is developed from Jquery News Ticker to brings a lightweight and easy to use news ticker to jQuery. This is module for displaying articles in ticker mode. You can easily to customize the style that you like. Hope this module will be use for your...
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    预览 BWL Sticky Animated News Ticker jQuery Plugin 等待分享

    Create a responsive, animated breaking news & RSS feed jQuery ticker for your site with in a min. Ticker Comes with 10 colorful themes and 15 attractive animation options. Well commented jQuery & W3C validate HTML5 markup gives you the super flexibility to customize and setup plugin according to...
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    预览 Ideabox - News & RSS Ticker 等待分享

    Main Features Modern Flat HTML data RSS Feed Easy Install Responsive Mobile Friendly UPDATES v.1.1 Update 20 April 2015 Multiple rss feed support Automatic update rss feed with timer RSS links target blank option added.
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    预览 Breaking News Ticker 等待分享

    Modern Falt Responsive Easy to use customize Unlimited News changeable properties with unlimited design New: Added RSS Feed
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    预览 Modern News Ticker 等待分享

    About Modern News Ticker is a modern, powerful, flexible, fast, easy to use and customize news ticker. It offers a varied number of features while still being lightweight and very easy to work with: It comes with 15 different themes to choose from. It has 4 different effects: scroll, fade...
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    预览 Info Box 等待分享

    News Box is a small (3Kb uncompressed) and very easy to use html widget – a news ticker. Every News Box displays one item at a time. You can also put multiple News Boxes on a single website. Now you can also easily add RSS or Atom feeds, using Google AJAX Feed API (so you don’t have to use any...
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    预览 uLike - Ajax content like system 等待分享

    uLike is a simple and easy to install content like system. You can have a unique like button on each different content element on your page. Each like button is it’s own seperate identity and is stand alone from the others. The system is based on the content’s parent div, the ip of the user, and...
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    预览 Google Maps with Infowindow-Slideshow 等待分享

    Colored Google Maps with Infowindow-Slideshow Video Preview: Google Maps with Infowindow-Slideshow part 1 Video Preview: Google Maps with Infowindow-Slideshow part 2 Features: Colored Google Maps with custom infowindow that contains a slideshow Easy to integrate Easy to customize No API key...
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    预览 jQuery Dynamic Grid: The Engine 等待分享

    Dynamic Grid is a jQuery plugin for generating an animated, responsive and great looking grid for your content – be it images, news feed, text and what not. With the help of some sophisticated algorithms the script fills the grid with cells with (optionally) random heights on every page load...
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    预览 Last News Joomla module 等待分享

    Last News Joomla module its simple easy breacking news module for joomla that help you to display last news or last post using more then 8 scroller style . Features : Custom Background Custom Title 8 scroller Effects Filter articles by categorie Lightweight and easy to use Unlimited color...
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    预览 Scrolling Tweet Ticker 等待分享

    Introducing the Scrolling Tweet Ticker 2.0! The new version is completely rewritten from the ground up, for increased browser compatibility and functionality. Server Requirements PHP 5.3+ w/ cURL and OpenSSL Significant changes Twitter API 1.1 compatibility, which forces the use of server...
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    预览 Accordionza - jQuery Plugin 等待分享

    LIVE PREVIEW — DEMO 1 — DEMO 2 — DEMO 3 Accordionza is a very flexible and lightweight jQuery (v1.4+) accordion plugin. Many features — Easily configure all effects and speed; pause on hover; autoplay and autorestart; collapseable captions; and more. Keyboard navigation — Optionally enable the...
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    预览 jQuery Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery 等待分享

    Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery This is the first product of a series that uses the Dynamic Grid engine. With Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery you can create the image gallery that you want. The script gives you huge control over the layout and animations, and the possibilities are endless. Literally endless...
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    预览 Inactive Tab Title Ticker 等待分享

    Live preview To see the live preview visit http://kriix.com/ittt (Please – close the envato frame!) Preview video Click here to see the youtube video of the plugin Description Inactive Tab Title Ticker allows you to set an ticking message once the user navigates to any other tab – the...
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    预览 Bitcoin Calculator - Supports 32 Currencies 等待分享

    Bitcoin Calculator This script allows you to create your very own bitcoin calculator & ticker website supporting 32 currencies with the ability to change the default currency, website color scheme and more extremely easily! Bitcoin Calculator Features Supporting 32 currencies Configurable...
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    预览 Worldcoin Price Ticker 等待分享

    The Worldcoin price ticker displays the current worldcoin value in USD & BTC. The code is well commented and easy to install.
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    预览 Namecoin Price Ticker 等待分享

    The Namecoin price ticker displays the current namecoin value in USD & BTC. The code is well commented and easy to install.
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    预览 Anoncoin Price Ticker 等待分享

    The Anoncoin price ticker displays the current anoncoin value in USD & BTC. The code is well commented and easy to install.
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    预览 Primecoin Price Ticker 等待分享

    The Primecoin price ticker displays the current primecoin value in USD & BTC. The code is well commented and easy to install.
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    预览 Litecoin Price Ticker 等待分享

    The Litecoin price ticker displays the current litecoin value in USD & BTC. The code is well commented and easy to install.

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