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    Joystick for Unity 5 1.5

    新的UI的操纵杆和触摸板。 旨在促进他们的发展,并且很容易在你的项目中实现。在移动和编辑的工作。 视频教程 Joystick and TouchPad for new UI. Designed to facilitate their development, and is easy to implement in your project. Works on mobile and in the Editor. Video Tutorial
  2. UnityStore

    Pie Menu for the new UI 1.1

    使用新用户界面的示例“饼”菜单。 特点: 馅饼菜单中有8个插槽,弹药计数器,可以定制。 •弹药计数器在屏幕的右上方。 说明如何使用,是在txt文件。定制和演示教程在这里. Example Pie Menu using the new UI. Features: - Pie Menu has 8 slots with ammo counters that can be customized. - Ammo counter on the top right of the screen. Instructions on how to use, is in the txt file...
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