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    TextToSpeech Multi Platform solution 1.0

    你想在游戏中加入文本到语音,但你想要一个简单的解决方案?使用我们的组件,使用我们的Web服务来实现你TextToSpeech。 You want to incorporate Text-To-Speech in your game, but you want an easy solution? Use our Component which uses our Web Service to implement TextToSpeech for you.
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    Easy TTS (Text-to-Speech) for iOS and Android 2.2

    简单的TTS(文本到语音)V2.2是一个插件,可以让你轻松地使用母语文字的iOS和Android的语音特征。 附加功能: 音量,速度,音高调整 在这个版本中,我们还更新了脚本(新方法)和文档,以更好地了解如何使用它。 文档|支持线程 系统要求: iOS7或更高 安卓1.6或更高 在Android的TTS引擎必须安装。 有演示场景,包括展示其功能。 1。demoeasytts(iOS和Android) 2。demoeasytts_selectengine(仅用于安卓系统的附加功能) 仅为机器人的附加功能。 能够切换到其他的TTS引擎改变给定文本语音设置和语言选项。...
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    预览 News Application iOS 等待分享

    Do you want more details or support please contact us on skype:excellent.web1 Display latest world and regional news from your own wordpress website into iOS application.Get latest news and Categories all divided into clear sections,Upload latest breaking news anytime and send push notification...
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    预览 Text-To-Speech PHP/JS script converter 等待分享

    About PHP Text To Speech Converter Text-to-Speech (TTS) allows any text to be converted into spoken language. The whole TTS function is based on API TTS script which accepts various sentences. Text reading functionality can be implemented to convey all information vocally to users in order to...
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    预览 Text Reader - Text To Speech for jQuery 等待分享

    What is Text Reader? Text Reader is lightweight Text To Speech solution based on jQuery and PHP. Its super easy way for make Your product presentation or website more attractive. Features: Multilingual text reading (speaking) in 44 languages jQuery and PHP based solution Lightweight solution...

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