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    STL 1.4

    STL出口统一网格STL文件格式被广泛用于快速原型设计和计算机辅助制造(3D打印)。 输出二进制文件 出口基于文本的文件 –出口多统一网格成一个单一的STL文件避免65 K每网格顶点的极限。 –出口meshfilter和其两网格。 请注意,该脚本不支持颜色。 STL exports unity meshes to the STL file format which is widely used for rapid prototyping and computer-aided manufacturing (3D printing). – Exports binary files –...
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    Runtime STL Loader 1.2.0

    这是一个统一的插件脚本。 这个脚本可以加载一个STL文件在运行时的场景。 这是处理作为一个游戏对象可以控制加载后。 支持文本和二进制STL格式,并进行加载时自动识别。 团结不能显示65k或更多的多边形顶点的对象,但这个脚本可以处理。 它转换成STL直接统一预制。搅拌机和玛雅等3D工具将是不必要的。 This is a Unity plugin Script. This script makes it possible to load a stl file to the scene at runtime. It is processd as a GameObject and can be...
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    预览 STL3D Viewer 等待分享

    Intended Audience Printed 3D products marketplace like ShapeWays for instance. This is a point-of-sale plugin for your customers to examine the 3D object before they hit “add to cart”. The STL file and the meta-information come from the server-side. See “Un-intended audience” at the very...
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    预览 STL Bounding-Box Calculator Length Width Height 等待分享

    Attention! Looking for an integrated, hosted solution ? Checkout our all-in-one 3D API Is your 3D printer big enough ? What sized package will you need to ship that Thing ? Let us help : Calculate the length, width and height of the 3D object i.e. the Bounding Box of the 3D STL model file...

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