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    SQLite for Android and iOS 1.0

    这种资产用于创建应用程序或游戏的离线数据库,它支持iOS、Android和PC.。 特征: 包括所有平台的所有必要的SQLite库。 简单的脚本连接SQLite数据库,每个平台。 -包括插入、更新、删除和搜索查询,所有验证都是非常简单易读的脚本。 -简单的演示屏幕,你可以自己检查。 完全支持 注意:你必须安装SQLite数据库浏览器 This Asset is simple and Useful for creating an offline database for your App or Game and it supports iOS, Android, and...
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    SQLite Database 1.5

    在单位的应用程序\/游戏中创建本地数据库非常容易通过SQLite数据库插件。 创建、更新、删除数据库中的数据有很多的原料药。它支持iOS、Android、PC、Mac。 特征: -为您的统一应用程序\/游戏创建本地数据库。 采用SQLite经理和使用统一创建SQLite数据库。 在运行时通过代码创建SQLite数据库的统一。 -整型,字符串,文本,varchar数据类型的支持。 -方便的访问数据库,从数据库中检索数据。 -插入,将数据更新到数据库,而不写查询。 执行自定义查询(ExecuteNonQuery,executescaler,ExecuteReader)。...
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    MX SQLite Data 0.0.1

    MX的SQLite数据是一个sqlite3数据库提供者。它是基于MSDN ADO .NET文件,但新的功能不支持微软原实施。 它可以用于设置存储或invetary,利用MX SQLite壳它是可能的,在运行时改变它们,无论它是在一个移动设备或计算机。 特征: C # sqlite3数据库实现 全源代码 -支持输出参数 -事务和保存点 -数据库连接字符串生成器 - GUID文本或二进制格式 -日期为蜱ISO8601,julianday或UNIX格式 -枚举整数或文本 测试的Android、iOS、PC、Mac - NUnit测试统一的测试工具 即时内存数据库 MX SQLite...
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    Enum Generator for Resources and Sqlite 1.0

    这是怎么一回事? 这个工具可以让你快速从资源位于文件夹在您的项目,从在一个SQLite数据库文件的数据生成C #枚举文件。 使用...
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    预览 Super Note With Admob 等待分享

    Description Super note is an application to make quick notes easy and simple, such as a phone number, email, etc. shopping list. This application is very easy to use and can be unlimited text storage. Feature Flat User Interface Admob& Interstisial Integrated Dynamic Splash Screen SQLite...
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    预览 The Quotes Garden v3.1 等待分享

    The Quotes Garden App for Android is native Android application for the personal developmen through motivational quotes, seccess, inspirational …etc, The quotes are stored in SQLite database, you can add unlimted quotes, authors and categories. The application use the latest features of Android...
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    预览 Photo Text App [10 Filters, Social Sharing, AD,db] 等待分享

    Add fantastic custom Text, select Photo Effects and share via Social (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…)! Free Download from App Store The iOS app “Photo_Text” allows you to customize your photos using the following functions: Add text to photos, a name, a motto, what you want! Edit...
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    预览 Simple Parental Control 等待分享

    Description Simple Parental Control is an Android application that will make you easily maintain your own permitted apps. Full Feature List Flat UI Add and remove permitted app from list Android launcher Choose app from installed apps in system broadcast receiver for app watcher and timer...
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    预览 Super Sticky Notes with Admob 等待分享

    Description Super Sticky Notes is an Android application that will make you easier manage your note anywhere and anytime! Full Feature List Add, edit, delete, and view note Sort note by title, color, createdDate, lastModifiedData Draggable GridView with animation Action Bar using SearchView...
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    预览 Fortin Quiz Application 等待分享

    Fortin Quiz Application is Native Android based Quiz Application which is designed to provide amazing user experience while playing Quiz on your handsets. Application is super easy to use and customize. Now Improve your General Knowledge just by playing with your fingers at the same time flaunt...
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    预览 GTable : jQuery Inline Table Editing 等待分享

    Gravity Table (GTable) is a compliment plugins for the great jQuery tables plugins DataTables. It will automatically create an editable row with an input element and capable of updating the server with a basic command such as add, edit and delete. The GUI are intuitive with a minimalist concept...
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    预览 Site Monitor Engine 等待分享

    Site Monitor Engine Check your sites uptime Get notification when your site is not available Get you sites uptime rate Using SQLite database Server notification by sending POST data
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    预览 Log Engine Framework 等待分享

    Log Engine is PHP framework that used for the purpose of easier implementation of the logging function in PHP scripts. Logging is possible via flat File, E-mail, MySQL, SQLite and Mongo DB. Basic usage To implement basic logging feature to your application you need to write only 4 lines of...

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