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    Terrain Spam 1.0

    地形的垃圾邮件允许级设计师和开发人员在一个较短的时间内创建大量的对象,创建高量和复杂的场景。 -可以选择保存预置连接 选择对象选择随机从 -自动应用随机或定义的位置,旋转和规模 -可选地捕捉到网格或间隔 -自动分配一个父创建的对象 层口罩多余的地形 在几个步骤,你可以开始把许多对象与点击空格键。 您也可以将随机设置和偏移应用到已经创建的对象中! Terrain Spam allows level designers and developers create high volume and complex scenes with large amounts of objects...
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    预览 ValidShapes CAPTCHA 等待分享

    ValidShapes is responsive-friendly ValidShapes fully support responsive design and resizes live on screen orientation change or on window resize if needed. ValidShapes is touch friendly On touch devices, ValidShapes can be used and the CAPTCHA solved with only one finger ! Your customers using...
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    预览 Google Recaptcha Security 等待分享

    What it does Add in an easy way the code for google recaptcha in your prestashop. Control where you want to include this tool. Changelog 1.3.0 (17/05/2016) - Fix recovery password. - Admin recaptcha will reload if fail the authentication - Now it will show properly in account creation...
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    预览 Project SECURITY - Protection for your website 等待分享

    Project SECURITY – Protection for your website Project SECURITY is a powerful website security app that will protect your site from hackers, attacks and other threats. It could protect your site from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injection), Mass Requests (Flood / DDOS), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy...
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    预览 Humans Only - Text-to-Image Converter 等待分享

    “Humans Only” is a simple yet customisable tool to help you convert text to images. This technique can be effective at protecting your website against text-crawlers that look for email addresses, phone numbers and other details. If the library is not working as expected, ensure that: • The “GD”...
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    预览 Simple PHP Captcha System 等待分享

    This PHP Script is a Simple PHP Captcha System. It helps you stop spam by asking the user to type a Verification Code. The Captcha Image is generated using the GD library of PHP. It generates an image with random characters of random colors and angles. This script is very easy to customize and...
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    预览 Website Under Construction 等待分享

    This PHP script helps you quickly add a very beautiful very high-quality “Coming Soon” landing page to your website while it’s being developed. Top Reasons Why 145+ Customers * Have Purchased This Script! 5 minutes to setup! 5 sample styles included! Fully responsive! jQuery Countdown...
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    预览 Shortny - URL Shortener with High Validation 等待分享

    Account: Login : Sign In - Shortny User : admin Password : admin Reviews UPDATES: (V1.21) Delete Inactive URL, Fixed Serious Bugs (Updated 23 MAR 2015) (V1.11) Improved Validation (Updated 19 SEP 2014)
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    预览 HackerCatcher v2 - Protect your Site 等待分享

    HackerCatcher v2 is a PHP System that will allow you to protect your site from hackers and spammers. Also, you’ll save their information and ban them if you want, as well as receive an email notification when all this occurs. With HackerCatcher v2 you will be able to: Detect if someone is...
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    预览 SafeGuard Pro – Ultimate PHP & Website Protection 等待分享

    Introduction Video Trust us! SafeGuard Pro SafeGuard Pro With SafeGuard Pro you can protect your website from many threats. If you want you can also log this threats and review them in the admin panel. You can redirect blocked threats to a custom page for example a access...

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