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    Android Security 1.0

    Android的安全性提供了一个额外的安全功能,Android应用程序和游戏在Unity。它的目标是防止有人重新编译你的apk修改代码,或者至少让他们更难。 特征: •检查应用程序签名看看apk文件已被修改。 检查用户是否在开发模式下运行,以尝试修改代码。 •验证APK是从谷歌Play商店安装。 文档 如果你有任何问题,给我发电子邮件,直接在jschieck@gmail.com我会尽快给你答复。 Android Security provides an additional level of security features to Android applications...
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    Army Security Checkpoint 1.0

    模型: -积木塔 混凝土块 混凝土墙 混凝土墙的BOT 穿过大门 LODs:没有 碰撞:是的 更多的东西从我: 牛蒡和reedmace 废弃混凝土结构。三维扫描 门金属组合锁。 乡村家具与环境 包装设计环境 或与我联系: 电子邮件|威科集团|推特。 如果你留下评论,我会很高兴的! Models: - Building Block Tower - Concrete Block - Concrete wall - Concrete wall Bot - Crossing Gate LODs: No Collision: Yes More stuff from me...
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    Turret Security MiniPack(Low-Poly) 1.0

    此包包含高度详细的低聚模型和纹理的安全自动炮塔。 vol.1.0 资产包括基本模型,扩展模型和几个纹理的各种颜色和材料选项炮塔。 This package contains highly detailed low-poly models and textures of a security auto-turret. Vol.1.0 Asset included base model, extended model and several textures of various colors and material options turret.
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    Interactive Security Cameras 1.0

    将三个互动的安全摄像机围绕你的水平,加上一个控制站,让玩家看到所有的相机饲料和他们之间的开关。相机也变焦和旋转。你可以看到这个系统的行动,并学习如何创建自己的。成员可以访问所有的教程和20美元\/月的项目文件 Place three interactive security cameras around your level, plus a control station that lets a player see all the camera feeds and switch between them. The cameras also zoom and...
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    Animated Security 3D Camera with light 2.0

    这个3D模型采用镶嵌材质和要求统一4正常工作— 预制准备使用,只是拖在你统一现场的“安全摄像机预置的“滴。 相机机身可以旋转,并且角度也可以调整。该软件包包括两个基本的动画,使相机旋转到一边。 尺寸:2048x2048纹理 纹理映射包括:弥漫性,正常,凸点! 更新到单位5 - This 3D model uses tessellation shaders and requires Unity 4 to work properly - The prefab is ready to be used, just drag and drop the "Security...
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    Security Cameras 2.2

    2个经典风格的安全相机有一个额外的2种风格(一个面对直和另一个向下倾斜)。一个相机是专为连接到一个天花板和其他附加到一个墙壁上的。 403三,每个摄像机位 2版 新的! *相机现在多个部分,所以可以移动和倾斜。 *自动筛选脚本添加例如屏幕。相机现在来回移动。 2 classic style security cameras with an additional 2 styles (one facing straight and the other tilting downwards). One camera is designed for attaching to a...
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    Free PBR Security Camera 1.0

    这个免费的包中包含一个低聚PBR安全摄像机和监控一个脚本,锅的安全摄像头来回。 This FREE package contains a low-poly PBR security camera and monitor with a script that pans the security camera back and forth.
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    Underground Exit, Security Room and a Energy Booth 1.0

    地下的出口,安全室和能源室是同一个模型的变化。他们有相同的元素,并使用相同的材料和纹理。有六种型号在不同的尺寸-从小型能源室和安全室到大的地下车站出口。 模型可以被用来作为一个背景模型或汽车,赛车游戏或飞行模拟器。 材料有三天,1024*1024的夜和玻璃和三个纹理日夜在alpha通道和镜面α正常凹凸贴图的透明度。 Underground Exit, Security Room and a Energy Booth are variations of the same model. They have same elements and use same materials...
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    Russian Federal Security Service and Police 1.0

    本文сK包含可定制的性格与伪装三变种: 警察(ОМОН) 俄罗斯联邦安全局(ФСБ)黑色 俄罗斯联邦安全局(ФСБ)沙漠 包括: 不同装备的3名士兵模型, 身体、背心、头盔和包。 肤色模型和MotionBuilder \/统一Mecanim系统兼容的骨架。weaponholder骨武器附件。 技术细节: 体内含有7481聚和4096×4096 PBR纹理,头盔1104聚和2048×2048 PBR纹理,背心- 1587聚和2048×2048 PBR纹理,袋- 2566聚和2048×2048 PBR纹理。装备齐全的字符有12738个多边形。 This paсk contains...
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    Security Cameras Pro 1.0

    文件在这里 这个包给了开发人员的能力,以快速添加安全系统的摄像头和监控他们的项目。 相机是动态的,可以旋转和饲料视频到监视器。 什么包括: 2计:老式的CRT显示器和LED显示器 2安全相机:子弹式相机和圆顶相机 基于物理的渲染纹理\/材料(16个纹理) 和一些功能: 可调整和旋转的相机角度 在相机上的后处理 和更多… Documentation Here This pack gives developers the capability to quickly add security systems in the form of camera and monitor to their...
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    预览 GUARD MASTER - HTML Responsive Multi-Purpose Template 等待分享

    GUARD MASTER is a Clean, Modern and Responsive HTML5 Template that is suitable for security & guarding services agency and business. It also includes inner pages designs required for building the full security or guarding agency website. This Website template is very flexible and easy to...
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    预览 Matrix Admin 等待分享

    Here we are presenting Responsive Admin Template with Clean, Minimal & Metro design. You will find too many options with this theme. Note: images are only for demo purpose. Pages we have included 1. Login Screen 2. Homepage / Dashboard 3. Charts 4. Chat 5. Interface Elements 6. Grid 7. Tables...
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    预览 Maruti Admin 等待分享

    Here we are presenting Responsive Admin Template with Clean and Minimal design. You will find too many options with this theme. Pages we have included 1. Login Screen 2. Homepage / Dashboard 3. Charts 4. Chat 5. Interface Elements 6. Grid 7. Tables 8. Basic Forms 9. Forms with Validations 10...
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    预览 Energetic - Responsive HTML5 Template 等待分享

    Energetic is clean and professional template suitable for business / portfolio / hosting websites etc. Its created using the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. With a responsive design it is compatible on any devices like tablet, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones too. Template Features...
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    预览 QUANTUM - Responsive Business Template 等待分享

    Quantum is a Business / Corporate HTML5 theme designed for businesses, corporations, start-ups, security firms, educational institutions and any other type of business. Quantum features a private member area system, an e-commerce system, course listing design for selling online courses and a...
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    预览 Riviera - Premium Portfolio HTML5 Template 等待分享

    Current version – 1.0 (see Changelog) Riviera Premium Portfolio HTML5 Template Riviera HTML5 Template is offered as an ultimate solution for a fantastic website: trendy design, super valid code, responsive layout that is Retina-ready too, a collection of wonderful shortcodes, perfect support...
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    预览 Halsey - Premium corporate template 等待分享

    Current version – 1.0.3 (see Changelog) Hello! Halsey Premium Corporate template has a classy look and a clean design featured by tasty color solutions and lots of layout types. Halsey bursts with rich functionality and is really easy to setup, customize and use: a huge collection of useful...
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    预览 Crystalline - Premium HTML5 Template 等待分享

    Current version – 1.0 (see Changelog) Crystalline Premium HTML5 Template Crystalline HTML5 Template is a website template that will be your favorite one, no matter how many templates you already used to create websites. It comes with a great collection of ready pages with custom design...
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    预览 Increase - Premium Corporate HTML5 Template 等待分享

    Current version – 1.1.5 (see Changelog) Increase Premium Corporate HTML5 Template Feel the Increase Today Choosing Increase HTML will be one of the most successful solutions of yours. In was initially created to help you make a really good website that will bring you to the top, whatever your...
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    预览 Door Screenlock with Admob, StartApp and LeadBolt 等待分享

    Door Screen Lock (Eclipse Project) There are number of screen locks available in different android play stores, But here is one of the secure and most efficient screen lock. The screen lock contains a door lock with some sequences which you have to select in settings. There are so many possible...