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    Secured PlayerPrefs 1.4.1

    这个插件的目的是取代标准PlayerPrefs功能。它 标志和磁盘上的数据加密,恶意用户不能修改数据 你的应用程序。 当你需要存储像虚拟货币这样的敏感数据时,使用它, 虚拟物品,高得分等。 检查文档 支持线程 This plugin aims to replace the standard PlayerPrefs functions. It signs and encrypts data on disk so a malicious user can't modify data of your app. Use it when you need to store...
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    Secured PlayerPrefs 1.1

    单位4。x和5! 确保你PlayerPrefs数据。 这个脚本加密\/解密你的PlayerPrefs。 它是非常简单的使用,同时你如何使用PlayerPrefs。 Unity 4.x and 5.x Ready! Secure your your PlayerPrefs data. This script Encrypt / Decrypt your PlayerPrefs. It is very simple to use as same as how you use PlayerPrefs.
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    预览 Secure Image Uploader 等待分享

    Secure Image Uploader is a 100% secure image uploader class. It validates the image file 3 times, 2 validations are well known around the web that still leaves a vulnerability and 1 validation is my implementation to cover those vulnerabilities and all types of vulnerabilities due to the...

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