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    预览 HRM - Human Resource Management Lite V-2.1 等待分享

    CUSTOMIZATION & SUPPORT READ USER GUIDE LIVE DEMO LOGIN CREDENTIALS Demo URL: HRM Lite Version 2.1 MULTI LANGUAGE SUPPORT Add Any Language Required Add Your Own Translations Activate / Deactivate Languages 70++ Languages Available CLOCK ATTENDANCE Employee Clock Attendance...
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    预览 HRM - Employer Zone : Ultimate Human Resource Manager 等待分享

    Employer zone is a web based human resource management application, which can be used to maitain the records of human resource of your organization. It is a light weight application which is focused to maintain the records with ease. Very Important Before purchasing this script, please check...
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    预览 Zhen Human Resources (HR) 等待分享

    Documentation and more details here Maintain and track the human resources in your organization through this simple to use HR software! With Zhen HRM, you can track the following: Employees: the people who are working on their job, including contact information, position, salary. Jobs: The job...

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