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    Modular Safe Pack 1.0

    高品质,模块化的安全包装在这里! 需要文教你的钱快吗?有了这个包,你就可以轻松地做到这一点。Low poly,游戏准备的资产,与pRb的纹理。AAA资产,将适用于任何类型的游戏:RTS,FPS,VR等。 组件包括:主文件,模块保存部分。两种材料,各用途:弥漫,正常和金属的地图。 超级好用的问题:所有的保险柜是预设的,正确的规模,位置和支点。准备好动画。 High quality, modular safe pack is here! Need to stasy your money fast? With this pack, You can do it, easy. Low...
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    Safe door 1.0

    两模型的安全门,重达45吨(PBR材料,4k纹理、3限、动画模型 ) Two model Safe door, weighing 45 tons (PBR material ,4k textures ,3 lods ,animation model )
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    Bank safe with vault 1.0

    你的游戏需要金库吗?只需将这个房间到您现有的环境,然后à。 此包包括: -一个后处理配置文件,以增加对相机的奇妙效果(请打开读我) -一扇敞开的大门 一个房间safeboxes ——金钱与黄金的Stacks -样品走廊(演示文稿) -所有组装和照明的场景。 Do you need a bank vault in your game ? Simply plug this room into your existing environment and voilà. This package includes : - A post processing profile to add...
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    Safe 1.0

    超低聚安全模型与法线和环境闭塞烘烤! 它有: 反照率 正常 镜面 平滑的α的镜面所要求的团结 它包括: 安全模型 5种法案的100美元 11纹理 7目 4材料 7预设可以拖放 还包括一个布模型演示的目的,但它可以像其他型号一样使用。 An Ultra Low poly Safe model with Normals and Ambient Occlusion baked! It has: Albedo Normal Specular Smoothness in alpha of Specular as required by Unity It includes : A...
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    Title Safe Area Viewer 1.1

    是否使用下一代游戏机或流媒体 从一个移动设备的电视,你需要标题时,安全意识 设计你的用户界面。标题安全区域浏览器允许您查看 推荐标题安全区域的所有主要控制台节省小时的浪费能源 和猜测。 为Xbox 360,Xbox,PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4,欧亚的预设,游戏手柄, WiiU,火的电视或定义自己的。 改变你的颜色,在场景视图中查看,甚至发布一个演示与 启用安全区域。 充分记录和支持。提供的源代码。 使用视频可以在这里:http:\/\/\/wnozkykoiic...
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    Safe Coroutine 1.1

    安全协同克服了统一的协同一些局限性并为您提供了灵活的控制。 主要特点 -任何安全程序停止 状态更改通知 -暂停和恢复 筑巢 -异常处理 类型化结果的返回 —源代码 将你的代码使用安全协程是直线前进。 视频 统一的论坛主题 Safe Coroutine overcomes several limitations of Unity's coroutines and provides you with flexible controls. Main Features - Stopping of any safe coroutine - State change...
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    Realistic Floor Safe 1.0

    这一现实楼层安全具有可动部件和已安装的物理组件和LOD组。 This realistic floor safe is structured with movable parts and has been rigged with physics components and an LOD Group.
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    Old Western-Style Safe 1.1

    老西安全 作为一个谜,抢劫下降,或只是气氛。 操纵和动画(打开,关闭,关闭空闲和空闲)。 1868三(拨号)1260三(无盘)。 5个不同的皮肤,见截图。 查看一个交互式演示在这里。 Old western-style safe For use as a puzzle, loot drop, or just atmosphere. Rigged and animated (opening, closing, close idle and open idle). 1868 tris (with dial) 1260 tris (without dial). 5...
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    Safe Pack 1.0

    此包包括: 1手动保险(1100 -) 1小型电子保险箱(336 -) 1银行金库(2664 -) 1元宝(12 -) 2k反照率,每个安全金属光泽和正常的地图。 位正常地图元宝 联系人 This pack includes: 1 manual safe (1100 tris) 1 small electronic safe (336 tris) 1 bank vault (2664 tris) 1 gold ingot(12 tris) 2k albedo, metal/gloss and normal maps for...
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    TooneyProps: Classic Old SAFE + Valuables Package 1.1

    tooneyprops安全包完成动画的把手,把手和门,物理和铰链。变种包括:正常,老\/生锈,炸(用炸药:包括)贵重物品包包括骨骼的网格物理动画富翁和高详细,镌刻金条。 互动网络播放器演示 注!我们将继续更新这个项目,拥有更多的贵重物品! >实时灯光设置 手动绘制纹理 >烤敖对PSD层分开。 >正常映射 > 512像素的纹理层与编辑的矢量PSD的装饰品。 > 3安全版本 >详细,刻金条 >老炸药 >骨骼动画的富翁 >适用于移动(低聚) TooneyProps SAFE Pack complete with animated knobs, handles and doors...
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    Safe With Gold and Money 1.0

    包包含安全,金条和成堆的美元。 安全: -门和把手是独立的物体 - 2048x2048 PBR纹理 -包含更改颜色的掩码 - lod0:752三;L1:368三 金条 - 512×512 PBR纹理 - lod0:44三;L1:12三 成堆的美元 - 512×512 PBR纹理 stack1:- 20 - -寻找:68三 stack3:- 92 - Pack contains Safe, Gold Bar and Stacks of Dollars. Safe: - Door and handles are separate objects - 2048x2048 PBR...
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    预览 Hide Opencart folders - Secure admin URL 等待分享

    Login for the preview is: demo / demo First a little bit of news: Hackers are upping their attacks against CMS systems. “Trend Micro” warned that there are thousands of compromised sites based on CMS systems which are being used as part of a spamming botnet called StealRat. Earlier this year...
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    预览 Project SECURITY - Protection for your website 等待分享

    Project SECURITY – Protection for your website Project SECURITY is a powerful website security app that will protect your site from hackers, attacks and other threats. It could protect your site from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injection), Mass Requests (Flood / DDOS), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy...
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    预览 Web Keeper - Security & Optimization 等待分享

    Features Fully Responsive – Looks equally good on all screen sizes! Website Scan – Scan your website for junk files, shells and other potential threats. Automatically clean up junk files, remove shells and other threats, receive personalized suggestions on how to improve your website...
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    预览 Izy Encrypter 等待分享

    Izy Encryter is a highly secure & unique encryption script which helps to keep data like email, passwords, texts, links secured without others being able to steal or understand it. DEMO: Izy Encrypter Features The algorithm used in this script is Unique Algorithm – built by our own team which...
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    预览 HBLocker Locking Files 等待分享

    Are you wondering how to protect your confidential data from attackers? We offer you the exact tool for that purpose. HBLocker uses high level of data encryption, which will protect your file contents from being read from 3rd parties with an line of code. HBLocker must be used on your...
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    预览 Protect your site - A rapid Database-Query class 等待分享

    This class is a PHP class which makes placing SQL queries easier and protects against SQL and XSS Injections. This class uses MySQLi for querying Database. The first thing that comes to your mind when you see this class may be: “There are many database classes out there so why should I choose...

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