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    预览 Minform - Multipurpose Flat Form 等待分享

    This is responsive form with stylis elements and some effect. Clean and Flat Design 2 Login Form 2 Sign Up Form Contact Form Review Form Form Elements Font Icon 10 Color Schemes
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    预览 Flat Multipurpose Forms With Twitter Bootstrap3 等待分享

    This is a flat modern css3 design based on Booststrap 3 Responsive design with multi-color multipurpose web forms with pure css3. Features: 1. Web Forms are cross browser supported. 2. Attractive flat modern design with pure css3. 3. User friendly. 4. Bootstrap3 supported. 5. Validate Markup 6...
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    预览 CSS3 Rating Widget 等待分享

    CSS3 Rating Widget is a simple and easy to use rating or review widget that you can use on your form. This widget is built entirely with CSS3 and HTML5, includes realistic hover forward select and hover back diselect effects like the ones you find in Javascript powered rating widgets plus 6...
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    预览 StarReviews - Ajax & jQuery rating and review form 等待分享

    StarReviews is a Ajax and jQuery powered php Rating and Review form for your website or webshop. StarReviews allows you to easily add a rating and review form to your products or services, etc, with just a few lines of code. It comes with a admin panel to approve, manage and edit the ratings and...

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