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    Rest Loop Package 1.0

    一个温暖而忧郁的疲惫的旅行者环包。这个循环包含一个宁静的键盘环集对鲜明的环境噪声和稳定的节拍。 A warm but melancholy loop package for the weary traveler. This loop contains a tranquil keyboard loop set against stark ambient noise and a steady beat.
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    Simple Rest Client and Server 1.0

    需要Windows,vs2015,IIS,net4.5服务器端。 一个简单的基于JSON的客户端服务器的实现(用C #在客户端和服务器端的脚本)客户测试在Windows、MacOS、iOS和Android(所以移动准备)。有一个简单的安全认证令牌模块。只要让它运行在10分钟。请参阅我们的网站上的视频如何电子邮件和我的任何东西。 Requires Windows, VS2015, IIS, .Net4.5 for server side. A simple implementation of a client server based on json...
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    预览 Random Balls | HTML5 Relaxing App 等待分享

    Relax and Meditate There are moments when you just need to calm down and relax. My application is intended to help with it. Create, split and move the balls having a random color and size. And you do all this to the relaxing music in the background. Application was made with HTML5 Canvas...
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    预览 GTable : jQuery Inline Table Editing 等待分享

    Gravity Table (GTable) is a compliment plugins for the great jQuery tables plugins DataTables. It will automatically create an editable row with an input element and capable of updating the server with a basic command such as add, edit and delete. The GUI are intuitive with a minimalist concept...
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    预览 Convoe - Social News Portal 等待分享

    What is Convoe? Convoe is a social news portal (i.e. Twitter Moments) through which users can create news articles, share videos, and images. This app comes with many features including our robust REST API in which you can create your own native app for Android or iOS. Requirements IMPORTANT...
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    预览 ngLaravel - CRUD AngularJS and Laravel REST API based on JWT with Role Permission + Admin Template 等待分享

    ngLaravel Overview Yep ngLaravel included CRUD (Create, read, update and delete) Based on REST API (Laravel 5.1.x) with AngularJS. With this script you can create a secure Single Web Application easily. ngLaravel secure in both Back-End(Laravel) and Front-End(AngularJS) based on JWT . Also you...
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    预览 OurAPIServer - RESTfull API web server 等待分享

    Requirements Apache Web Server 2.0.0 or above PHP 5.3.0 or newer Demo Url: OurApiServer - the fast way to create APIs! User: demo Password: demo Documentation Url: OurAPIServer Documentation - Rabartu Solutions Tutorials How to Upload files with OurApiServer How to use “Evaluate”...

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