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    预览 Smart Demo-bar 等待分享

    Smart Demo-bar Smart Demo-Bar is plugin made for developers that need Demo-Bar or theme switcher for responsive theme, smart Demo-Bar would be shown on top of page, allow users to preview another theme to test his responsive design. Smart Demo-Bar can work on smaller screens, and it will work...
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    预览 LivePreview - Responsive Digital Product Demo Bar 等待分享

    LivePreview is used to manage & switch between your digital products like wordpress themes, html templates, HTML5 games and etc. The script include a responsive test tool, switch panel with thumbnails of the products, buttons for different actions (buy, download, iframe close). You can customize...
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    预览 DTMS - Demo Templates Management System 等待分享

    DTMS – Demo Template Management System DTMS is a PHP script written on Codeigniter to allow you to show your demo template or your theme in a simple and secure way. In fact you have full control of everything without writing a single line of code. You can design unlimited navbar styles to adapt...