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    Modular Research Center 1.0

    与此建立自己的科幻研究中心 完整的模块化环境设置。 技术细节: 基于物理的渲染:是的 纹理尺寸:从512x512 4096x4096 所有的网格尺寸正确,模块化和快速完美的彼此。 工程与烤灯。 网格数:126 纹理数目:190 着色器数量:2 材料数量:212 一些问题:128 Build your own sci-fi research center with this complete modular environment set. Technical Details: Physically-Based Rendering: Yes Texture Size...
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    Sci Fi Research Center 2.2

    这种模块化的封装是创建任何科幻场景的理想选择。但它被设计有一个恐怖和阴森的感觉到它的意图。 很快WebDemo:点击这里 这个科幻环境套件包含以下: 6材料 3阿特拉斯纹理片(4K) - 3发射片 2镜面片 - 2法线贴图 141模型 153预制件 This Modular package is ideal for creating any Sci Fi Scene. But it was designed with the intention of having a creepy and eerie feeling to it. Take a Quick WebDemo...
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    预览 Dentalux | Dentist & Healthcare Site Template 等待分享

    CURRENT VERSION 1.0 (see Change log at the bottom of this page) Dentalux-HTML is an ideal fit for dental clinics and any other medical and healthcare related businesses, such as hospitals, research centers, or pharmacies. This HTML Template has firm corporate design in calming shades and colors...
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    预览 Health & Care - Medical WordPress Theme 等待分享

    CURRENT VERSION 1.4 (see Change log at the bottom of this page) Health & Care is a perfect solution for any medical and healthcare-related businesses, such as hospitals, research centers, clinics, dentists or pharmacies. The theme is supplied with a pack of advanced theme options to set and...
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    预览 mySurvey 等待分享

    mySurvey is a php and ajax system that allows you to run and create your own surveys faster and easier with ability to customize the questions, answers, the theme and the surveys. There are 3 easy steps to publish a survey: create a survey, add questions and answers and publish the survey...

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