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    预览 24X7 Diary 等待分享

    24X7 Diary is an utility App that enables you to write the diary notes with the various of customization and utility options. 24X7 Diary supports devices from Android 2.3 and up to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Suitable for both mobile and tablet screens. Please refer to “Main features” Section below to...
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    预览 Reminders 等待分享

    Reminders is a PHP script that allows you, and your users, to schedule reminder emails. It will send you the emails on the specified date to help you remind anything you want. Use it to send yourself reminder notifications or to schedule emails for your contacts, and send them on specific dates...
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    预览 BookingWizz SMS Reminders 等待分享

    BookingWizz SMS Reminders adds option to send reservation reminders to your customers mobile phones through following SMS gateway providers: Plivo, Twilio, BulkSMS, Tropo, Nexmo, TelAPI, Cdyne, TextMagic, CallFire, TextLocal. + you can customize SMS text + you can customize time when SMS has to...

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