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    预览 Mastenia Sign up/Reservation/Survey Form Wizard 等待分享

    Mastenia is a responsive site template with 3 premade form wizard: Sign up, Reservation, Survey. Responsive layout: compatible from mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets. Note: if you try to resize the browser window manually, please refresh the page to permit to the jquery script to load the...
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    预览 Event Management HTML Template with RTL version 等待分享

    imEvent Event management HTML template is specially designed and developed for event management companies, teams to cater all their services under one platform. You can display multiple events and showcase those in individual pages. Key Features 2 Home variations 100% Responsive Multiple...
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    预览 Wort - An HTML5 Registration Template 等待分享

    Wort is a HTML5 written registration template featuring suave colors and gradients and an appealing wood background. It’s designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. Any website will gain more registrations (and faster too) by using this template (not guaranteed).
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    预览 ANNOVA - Survey Wizard 等待分享

    HTML5/CSS3 survey wizard with progress bar that send the result to your email. It’s responsive, can be used of other types of forms like registration process, you can add how many steps you need. It comes with a standalone version and a full version with more features. Main features Valid and...
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    预览 Flex-Register - Bootstrap 3 Lightbox for Register 等待分享

    About Flex-Register – Bootstrap 3 lightbox for Register Flex-Register allows you to Add Register form into a lightbox displaying form Register , Login without refreshing the page. The lightbox works out of the box and require no configuration. It also takes care of matching the style of the...
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    预览 UserMgr: User Registration and Management 等待分享

    iOS User Management Made Easy User management on iOS has never been easier. With UserMgr, we’ve built a simple to use system that allows users to register and login. With advanced features like user memory, UserMgr provides a simple and clean interface that anyone can use. Simply redirect the...
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    预览 ValidShapes CAPTCHA 等待分享

    ValidShapes is responsive-friendly ValidShapes fully support responsive design and resizes live on screen orientation change or on window resize if needed. ValidShapes is touch friendly On touch devices, ValidShapes can be used and the CAPTCHA solved with only one finger ! Your customers using...
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    预览 Timon - Step Form Wizard 等待分享

    With Timon – Step Form Wizard you will have power combo of 21 different styles, 8 different transition effects, validation in your step form, titles and subtitles with multiple step. , also Timon – Step Form Wizard has predefined set of form sizes from tiny to large. You can easily create and...
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    预览 Strong Password 等待分享

    jQuery Plugin that generates safe and memorable passwords. Is a password dK_3gA5lo safe one? Yes, but can you remember it? Why then should it to be offered to visitors? Strong Password generates passwords which your visitors can remember! Features easy to read and remember optimized for mobile...
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    预览 Forms Plus: JS - Forms Framework 等待分享

    Froms Plus is a form framework. JS version includes everything CSS has, plus date/time pickers, color pickers, sliders, captcha fields, spinners, field groups (for code, credit card number, etc.), masked fields, actions blocks (add/remove/show/hide/toggle blocks with buttons, links, checkboxes...
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    预览 Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla 等待分享

    Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla This plugin is a client software for spam prevent service CleanTalk. When you buy the plugin you get 3 month subscribe for 30 positive requests per day for free. Main features: Block spam registration Block spam comments Automatic public comments...
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    预览 REVIEWER - Rating and Review Wizard HTML Template 等待分享

    REVIEWER is an HTML5/CSS3 review wizard system with progress bar that send the result to your email and summary/thank you email to the user who fill the form. It’s responsive, can be used of other types of forms. You can add how many steps you need. It comes with a standalone version and a full...
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    预览 Step Form Wizard 等待分享

    This jQuery plugin can generate step navigation for your purpose. You can use it for registration, settings, introduction, checkout or presentation of your projects. Main Features Step navigation Fully responsive 5 completely different themes with included SASS files Powerfull API and events...
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    预览 3D Flip Log in Sign up 等待分享

    No Need to make more and more pages for signup and log in 3D Flip clean beautiful css log in form with 3d flipping effect for your website. 3D Flip Log in Sign up – has a clean design and a powerfull 3D Flip Effect which give user a unique exprince and a fast way to complete the process . In...
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    预览 Responsive CSS Forms Set & Validation 等待分享

    D.A. Custom Forms is a set of responsive layout HTML/CSS forms validated via javascript. There are 3 layouts of the forms: vertical , horizontal and modal. The vertical mode structure is label and a field underneath, horizontal – label next to the field and modal type popups the form. The forms...
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    预览 Pure CSS3 Forms Set + Validation and Masking 等待分享

    Pure CSS3 Forms Set allows you to create forms of any complexity and for any needs (login, registration, contacts, search, checkout, etc.). With powerful validation and masking your forms become super friendly and very easy to fill. Need the same in pure CSS? Check out this Pure CSS3 Forms Set...
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    预览 Google reCAPTCHA 等待分享

    Description reCAPTCHA – Tough on bots, Easy on Humans Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to...
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    预览 Social Connect - PrestaShop Module 等待分享

    Social Login/Register module for PrestaShop Social Connect is a PrestaShop module which gives your users ability to sign in to your shop using social networks with just 1 click. Social Networks Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Instagram Yahoo PayPal Microsoft Live Foursquare Wordpress Github...
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    预览 Envato purchase verifier on register 等待分享

    This module lets an administrator select a role to automatically assign to new users who fill envato purchase code on register. Installation Download and enable Configure (/admin/config/people/envato_purchase_verifier)
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    预览 Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod) 等待分享

    Reward New Customers for Registering an Account! The Account Signup Rewards Module for OpenCart (vQmod) provides a very quick and simple way to add the functionality to automatically reward new customers who create an account with extra reward points to spend. Modifying the setting for the...