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    Login and Register Pro 1.1

  2. UnityStore

    Antique Cash Register 1.0

    这是一个典型的老式古董现金出纳机,有一个开放的现金抽屉。它有一个单一的在画看起来脏了,以及使用一个单一的。 1146点 792个三角形 位单漫反射贴图 This is a classic old style antique cash register with an open cash drawer. It has a single crumpled note in the draw looking dirty and well used. 1146 verts 792 triangles 512x512 single diffuse texture
  3. UnityStore

    Cash Register 3D Model 1

    现金登记簿的三维模型。这个软件包包括纹理(弥漫,正常的地图,UV映射)。它有173个面(312 -)。容易编辑。 3D Model of a cash register. This package includes textures (Diffuse, Nomal map, UV mapped). It has 173 polys (312 Tris). Easily Editable.
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    预览 Event On - Responsive HTML Template 等待分享

    Eventon is a modern HTML5 template created using Twitter Bootstrap 3 which is suitable for event based websites. Event on is ultra responsive looks perfectly in all screens. Its has 15 Pages including 6 different homepages, event tv, blog etc. Its also seo optimized, optimized for speed and...
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    预览 L&R - Login and Register Page Template with Slider 等待分享

    L&R is convenient interface with the login and registration pages. Of course, not only the registration and login page also has a good and powerful interface to promote your website with swipe slider. Change and is quite simple to use. All fully responsive device. There are a lot of features...
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    预览 Flux - Login&Register form with jQuery validation 等待分享

    FLUX is a powerful and efficient html sign-in and registration form, crafted with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, that can help you quickly develop your website authentication page. Can be implemented in any kind of website. Contains a lot of nice visual components, and It’s easily to customize like...
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    预览 UserMgr: User Registration and Management 等待分享

    iOS User Management Made Easy User management on iOS has never been easier. With UserMgr, we’ve built a simple to use system that allows users to register and login. With advanced features like user memory, UserMgr provides a simple and clean interface that anyone can use. Simply redirect the...
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    预览 Login with Social Media 等待分享

    What it does So many people hate registrations, why not making it easier? Increase sales of your online store allowing visitor to log in with their social media. All the most popular social media are allowed! Features Faster shopping steps. Customer won’t be “tired” or “bored”. OpenID...
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    预览 Joomla Login Register Slider Module 等待分享

    Ace Login Register handles Joomla Login and Register, all combined into one beautifully animated module. This module has simple parameters to choose your layout, theme, animations and more. Please submit a convenient contact request at if you would like any assistance...
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    预览 BZ Forms 等待分享

    BZ FORMS – Version 3.0 CHANGE LOG November 9, 2015 Code rewrite Design improvements Integration with BOOTSTRAP New and improved Modal script LESS file for styling jQuery validation (inline/tooltip) W3C Validated Initial version Custom 12 column grid Responsive layout Commented code HTML5...
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    预览 Summer Forms - Login And Registration Forms 等待分享

    Latest update: 6 Mar 2013. Version: 1.0.0 Summer Forms are coupled login and registration forms having a set of impressing effects bundled with the bright modern design. The flexibility of these responsive forms allows placing it into any area on your site (like a widget, like a popup window...
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    预览 Advanced Register/Signup form 等待分享

    Advanced register form gives you full control over your register/signup forms. Make easy for your customer to signup and add more fields just by drag and drop in register/signup forms.. Now its give you ability to do changes on your register form accordingly to your business nature. Some Key...
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    预览 Single Sign-on for opencart and wordpress 等待分享

    Users who register on your opencart site will automatically get registered in your wordpress site. Instead of registering on both opencart and WordPress separately, customers can simply register in opencart and automatically be created a WordPress account. In either scenario it is common that...
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    预览 OpenCart Social Connect System 等待分享

    Social Connect System for OpenCart help website owners to allow customers to login to their site using their third party site id easily.This plugin uses federated login. It allows users to login with their email address and password, and would replace that with federated login. It currently...
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    预览 Welutions Welcome Voucher for PrestaShop 等待分享

    What is Welutions Welcome Voucher? This module help you to give welcome vouchers or give a voucher to new customer when they register in your store. Invite a guest with attractive deals are good always and it may help you to rise more profit. Its up to your customers whether to continue with...
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    预览 FancyForms - Modern & Responsive CSS Forms 等待分享

    Fancy Forms: Simple, Modern, Powerful & Responsive CSS Forms Framework. This is created by pure HTML & CSS, no images needed. It is cross-browser compatible. Features Fully Responsive Easy to Customize 11 Different Form Templates 7 Unique Forms Styles Clean & Modern Design Valid Code Custom...
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    预览 Single form (fully animated) 等待分享

    This is a form design, and not a working functional form! This kit stuff will save you a lot of time when creating websites! They’re really easy to use and have very nice interfaces. Enjoy! Features: - 2 HTML5+CSS3 Forms - Clean & simple design - Google web font - Normal, hover & pressed...
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    预览 tForms - Animated Forms KIT 等待分享

    This is a form design, and not a working functional form! This kit stuff will save you a lot of time when creating websites! They’re really easy to use and have very nice interfaces. Enjoy! Features: - 4 HTML5+CSS3 Forms - Clean & simple design - Fully responsive - Media queries for most...
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    预览 Flat Forms Pack 2 等待分享

    Features 8 HTML5+CSS3 Forms 5 Color themes Clean & simple design Fully responsive Media queries for most common devices Google web font Normal, hover & pressed buttons state Icons: Font Awesome provides you a set of +300 different icons Media queries for most common devices Major browsers...
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    预览 Simple Forms 等待分享

    A clean and simple form template. Options for 1 and 2 column layouts along with the ability to mix the two together. Compatible with all major browsers (IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari 4+), responsive and retina ready. Subtle CSS3 animations and PSD with vector shapes included. Templates...

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