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    SOQ - Scene Objects Query 1.0

    想找到1个或更多的对象,遇到这样一个复杂的条件下,你立刻意识到不可能有这种特定的情况下一个内置的方式吗? 你是不是开始写自己的编辑脚本了? 或更糟的是,你寻找的对象(S)手动,在现场的1000 +的游戏对象? SOQ节省你很多时间让你方便地构建任意复杂的条件(可以保存供日后使用)和查询整个场景的游戏对象符合标准。 只举几个例子,你可以发现摄像机中的对象是什么,对象具有特定的名称、标记、位置范围、有空字段的对象、不满足条件的对象。soq的力量在于你可以嵌套条件任意并扩展内置的容易。 核心特征: 直觉用户界面。控制方便放置最佳用户体验...
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    Query for Unity 1.0.1

    查询的统一是一个小的,轻量级的C库的设计与# Unity3D增加生产力。它的特点是小很多,一般情况下,灵活,有助于每一个项目的实用性和推广方法。 准备统一5.4。 特征: 层次查询(如方法、getdescendants,onlayer,isancestor,GetRoot,…) 层次的操作(例如destroychildren) -分量矢量调和(如v.xz) -同时保持不变性改变单矢量或彩色成分 采摘(例如:在鼠标位置上的物体) 收集的扩展(例如,包含所有,GetValueOrDefault,IsNullOrEmpty,sequencetostring) -时间戳和对象名称的日志...
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    预览 Clean Business Resume 等待分享

    Welcome to Clean Business Resume Show off your skills in style with this feature packed resume template that is sure to impress prospective clients or decision makers while hunting for your next gig or permanent position. Designed from the ground up with the professional in mind I wanted to...
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    预览 Responsive HTML5 CSS Grid 等待分享

    Welcome to the highest rated responsive CSS grid, on CodeCanyon. CSS Grid is a valid HTML5, responsive CSS Grid from 1 to 8 columns. It works on iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Windows 8. It also features a Mobile Toggle Menu, as well as 3 header options. Take a look at the demo. Why is this...
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    预览 Dot2dot 等待分享

    Dot2dot is first of all a user-friendly designed constructor, that allows you to create your own game on your own conditions. The main principle is: connect two or more of the same colored dots. You can connect dots vertically or horizontally and the more dots connected, the more points earned...
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    预览 EasyChat - Mysql & Iphone, Ipad App V1.1 等待分享

    Features Support iOS 9 ! Storyboard System Latest Xcode Php & Mysql System Easy to use And much more..
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    预览 Frontend Customize opencart 等待分享

    Frontend Customize your OpenCart , remove checkout procedure , pricing , remove add to cart and add form for product query with download PDF ( as a catalog for product with images , and description etc.. Make your OpenCart eCommerce Website run through query in short without any payment...
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    预览 Minecraft Server List 等待分享

    Testimonials Minecraft Server List is a system you can create your website with minecraft servers. This script include many settings for you servers, searching system and powerful admin panel. Every server has a rank depending of the importance earned through votes and online activity...
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    预览 Smart Pagination 等待分享

    Add a touch of style to the paging of your website with these fresh lookin’ pagination menus. “Smart Pagination” just use CSS, without image can generate 20 differents combination of menus. The files include an class that’s super modular It can be implemented with any PHP supported database...
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    预览 Minecraft Servers Query 等待分享

    You can add your server in database and you can set video presentation or description. Include complex admin and user panel. You can view online players and installed plugins. very easy install admin panel and user panel complex managing system adsense ready from home page changeable...

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