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    QRCode Reader and Creator 1.1

    QR码阅读器和Creator是你的一个聪明的和简单的插件,它支持读QRCode,code_128,code_93,code_39, ean_13,ean_8,UPC-A,UPC-E,数据矩阵,rss_14 PDF-417,等等。支持生成QRCode,code_128,code_39, code_93,ean_13,ean_8,数据矩阵和。 支持的平台: Android、iOS、Mac,Windows,WebPlayer,WebGL 你可以下载: 演示(APK)|泰初影音 如果您有任何问题,请联系我们: wiliamheart@gmail.com QRCode...
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    QRCode Plugin Android + Windows 1.1

    这是一个团结QRcode插件,它允许您生成和\/或解码QrCode。 它在窗口和安卓设备上工作。它是非常容易使用和一个样本包括! This is a QRCode plugin for Unity, it allows you to generate and/or decode QrCode. It works on Windows and Android devices. It's very easy to use and a sample is included!
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    预览 EazeKart - BarCode Scan App, queue less, retail, Shopping, Mobile POS 等待分享

    EazeKart for Retail shopping using BarCode scanner EazeKart is a retail shopping app platform for Business Owners and Consumers. It can be used for anything from retail stores to clothing stores to restaurants to coffee shops! For a Business Owner: It’s a complete package from reaching your...
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    预览 Chrome Toolbox - Chrome Extension 等待分享

    Features Chrome Toolbox is a chrome extension, with it you can: 1. Take screenshot of current page, you can take a selected region screenshot, page’s visible area screenshot or whole scrolled page. 2. Quick searching your bookmarks at long bookmark list. 3. Quick searching browser history. 4...
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    预览 QR Code Scanner and Generator 等待分享

    The script let you read or scan QR code through Webcams or Mobile devices cameras. You can also upload QR code image and get the QR result. The script can generate QR codes like plain texts, URLs, Address, Phone numbers etc. It also have the download option of the gererated code. For older...
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    预览 QR Codes generator for Joomla 等待分享

    This plugin enables you to integrate a QR Codes generator into your Joomla pages using a single shortcode. It features a user friendly interface where your users can generate their own QR Codes (links, phone numbers, email messages, vCards, geo locations…) and do some customization (size...
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    预览 QR Code Generator for Adobe Muse 等待分享

    QR Code Generator for Adobe Muse is a wonderful widget for generating the QR Code directly into your adobe muse website. The widget also has options to change color, border, alt text. The widget can be used to generator QR code for a link or a simple text. People can just scan the code from any...
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    预览 QR-Code for Prestashop 等待分享

    Description QR Code is a module which enables to display QR Code bar generates throught Google API, at all your products – QR code is encoded as product link. Increase your mobile traffic and improve your conversion rate thanks to QR Codes! This module is going to allow your customers to...
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    预览 PHP Recipe - PHP Functions Collection (45+) 等待分享

    PHP Recipe is a HUGE collection of must have PHP functions, packed with more than 45 methods. It’s developed as a class with static methods, To make integration to your existing code-base super simple, Just drop it in and start using it immediately. Methods: Method to get Website Favicon...
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    预览 QRcdr - responsive QR Code generator 等待分享

    Generate your personal QR Code in few clicks! Upload your logo, select custom colors, and download the final QRcode. Available formats: .png, .svg, .eps Features: Color picker Image uploader Custom watermarks Location search Responsive Multilanguage Easy setup Save QRcodes in .png, .svg and...
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    预览 Bitcoin QR Code Generator 等待分享

    Bitcoin QR code generator Features: bitcoin address validation ajax validation address and amount ajax load QR codes bootstrap 3.0.3 easy install and Setup Lib Supported qr codes: bitcoin bitcoin with amount Plain Text URL vCard SMS Email WiFi Geo Phone Demo Bitcoin QR code Generator...
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    预览 Advanced Custom QR Code Generator 等待分享

    This is the most advanced custom QR code generator script which lets your user change QR code from shapes to colors, even embed logos to it. Now, no more boring black and white squared QR codes. This advanced PHP QR code script lets your user design their very own QR code all by themself by...

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