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    预览 Checklist 等待分享

    Checklist that keeps things organised and get things done in efficient way. See the App in Action This project is written in Xcode 4.5 using the iOS SDK. This app currently supports iOS 5+ and using ARC. Storyboards used in this project so that customising is pretty simple. It is ready for App...
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    预览 Cases - Support Ticket System 等待分享

    Cases is a simple ticket system that allows customers to create new tickets that can be answered by certain members. Cases is not built from any PHP frameworks or CSS design frameworks so it’s not confusing and is really easy to modify. Features: - Simple clean design - Built with PHP & OOP...
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    预览 ContactZ - Impress and Contact Form 等待分享

    UPDATE: DEMO NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN ContactZ is an easy, lightweight and a very customizable contact form. As special features a impress and a persons section are included. UPDATE: Support to embed the script in a existing page now! The contact form The contact form is a simple form, where the...

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