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    Compound Flag Posts Pack 1.0

    该资产为中型大型项目进行了优化。 有了这个资产,你可以使自己成为一个中世纪风格的临时标志职位使用单独的部分。国旗有布的物理和6个图像为他们。每一个模型都有2个LOD(棒1)。 同时,该资产使用双面材质由东方工作室。 This asset is optimised for medium\big projects. With this asset, you can make yourself a medieval style improvised flag posts using separate parts. Flags have cloth physics and 6 images...
  2. UnityStore

    Fences and Light Posts 1.0

    此包包含十六个栅栏模型和三个光柱。 所有的对象共享相同的材料,与一个1024漫\/镜面纹理,一个凹凸贴图和一个 用于灯的照明图。轻的职位有一个基本的动画,它可以预览在下面的链接: 预览 This package contains sixteen fence models and three light posts. All objects share the same material, with one 1024 diffuse/specular texture, one bump map and one illumination map for the light...
  3. UnityStore

    Football Goal Posts And Balls 1.0

    sim-3d 3D建模方案。外接低多边形游戏。 足球目标球和球 足球目标岗位的4种模式 4种球模型 1场模型 1版广告 纹理 FBX模型。 预设 PSD的纹理。 WebPlayer http:\/\/\/ SIM-3D - 3D modeling scenarios. External low poly for games. Football goal posts and balls 4 Models of football goal posts 4...
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    预览 Hash - News & Magazine HTML Template 等待分享

    Main Features Retina Ready Fully Responsive Built in Bootstrap Amazing CSS3 Effects/Animations Optimized Code Simple & Easy to Use/Customize Google Map Font Awesome icons Clean Design Documentation Top Notch Support/li> Google Web Fonts Update Changelog initial release
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    预览 Composs - Elegant Blog, Magazine & News HTML Template 等待分享

    Please notice that, the download files doesn’t contain javascript for galleries and contact form and also the download files doesn’t contain any php files. Demo images doesn’t come with the download file.
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    预览 Ecota - Responsive Magazine & News HTML Template 等待分享

    Main Features Retina Ready Fully Responsive Built in Bootstrap Amazing CSS3 Effects/Animations Optimized Code Simple & Easy to Use/Customize Google Map Font Awesome icons Clean Design Documentation Top Notch Support Google Web Fonts Filterable Portfolio Note The Images you see in the demo are...
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    预览 Madidus - Magazine Template 等待分享

    Wordpress version is available! Madidus – Responsive Magazine Template Madidus is a unique and fully responsive layout that is compatible with devices such as phones and tablets. Perfect for news for all sorts of content. Contains blog posts with integrated ratings, videos and slideshow. If...
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    预览 Personal MicroBlog 等待分享

    Personal MicroBlog – multipurpose application with which you can create your personal microblog, microblog for their company or organization. MicroBlog also can be used for posting your photos, news. In their posts, you can use hashtags, which makes navigation and search the app is great. By...
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    预览 WordPress Blog Android App 等待分享

    The App has the Following Key Features: Android 5 Material Design and New Toolbar Posts are Fetched using ultra fast JSON Search for Posts / Tags / Categories AdMob Support (just paste your Ad ID!) Push (using GCM) with Custom Plugin and New Post Notification and Custom Messages Fast and...
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    预览 Joomla Board 等待分享

    Kind of a social network component for Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5, based on Ajax, which allows Your users to write a posts and place a comments. It’s fully integrated with Joomla permissions, so You are able to decide who can write a post and who can’t. - Users can publish photos/graphics with...
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    预览 jQuery Dynamic Grid: The Engine 等待分享

    Dynamic Grid is a jQuery plugin for generating an animated, responsive and great looking grid for your content – be it images, news feed, text and what not. With the help of some sophisticated algorithms the script fills the grid with cells with (optionally) random heights on every page load...
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    预览 jQuery Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery 等待分享

    Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery This is the first product of a series that uses the Dynamic Grid engine. With Dynamic Grid: XML Gallery you can create the image gallery that you want. The script gives you huge control over the layout and animations, and the possibilities are endless. Literally endless...
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    预览 jQuery Loadr More 等待分享

    Loadr More let you show your Articles in one page with the option to show more articles without refreshing the page pressing the “Load More” button. Video Preview Watch Video Credits Images in demo by: Mac Funamizu jQuery library
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    预览 Re Posts - copying Posts & Tweets, publish it into your fb page & tw account 等待分享

    This script will save your time, help you to manage your Facebook page and your Twitter account by coping newly published tweets and posts from multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages you selected, publish it in your Facebook page and your Twitter account, you can copy specific post types ...
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    预览 Poly Blogging Platform 等待分享

    Poly Blogging Platform Poly is a multi-use web based software, especially designed to build user-friendly useful to modify blogs and websites. Poly is a platform for those specialised in blogging and web design, and provides them with simplified and flexible interface, search engine...
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    预览 Express - Facebook Content Engine 等待分享

    Express – is a Platform that helps you to find content from social media channel that’s easy to choose and post to Facebook all fanpages or groups in a minute. ie: You just need to type words for content searching include Youtube videos, Flickr photos and Instagram hashtags. Then select and post...
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    预览 Forum Module for Newsmaker 等待分享

    Description Forum module is a script which extends original functionality of Newsmaker – CMS and Social Network. It gives you ability to create forum where your users can discuss about news which are posted on Newsmaker. This module is simple to use and install. It has admin dashboard which...
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    预览 facebook posts 等待分享

    Facebook Posts Version 1.7 – 5 December 2014 The application publishing on the members pages and groups This product is exclusive only to Video: setup script and admin : Video: script : Video: publications : Features: - 100% Responsive Themes Design - 100%...
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    预览 WebWall - social microblogging application 等待分享

    Item is not more supported! WebWall – social microblogging application Requirements - PHP 5.3 - MySQL 5.x - GD Library Installation - Upload all files to root server directory - Give permissions (755) for core/config folder - Open in browser http:// [your_domain] /site/install and complete...
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    预览 NIS MEDIA 等待分享

    What Our Customers are Saying Features Super Easy Installation Powerful Admin Panel Responsive Layout SEO FRIENDLY Two SEO Url MEDIA UPLOAD – images, videos from computer and from url. REAL3D FLIPBOXES NIS MEDIA and Facebook Comments NSFW USER PROFILE & FOLLOW & POINTS Badges system for...

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