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    PBR Posters 2 1.0

    更多的老电影海报与逼真的纹理。这两张电影海报适合不同场景的道具。低多边形网格。 obj。网格是2048x2048 PBR纹理(粗糙度α)。 吸血鬼- 4点。 卓别林- 4点。 在统一和虚幻引擎中工作! More old movie posters with realistic textures. These two movie posters will fit well in different scenes for props. Low poly meshes. The Obj. meshes comes with 2048X2048 PBR...
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    PBR Old Movie Posters 1.0

    具有真实质感的旧电影海报。三部电影海报将适合不同的场景。低多边形网格。 obj。网格是2048x2048 PBR纹理(粗糙度α)。 18点。 8点 44点 在Unity和虚幻引擎中工作! Old movie posters with realistic textures. The three movie posters will fit well in different scenes. Low poly meshes. The Obj. meshes comes with 2048X2048 PBR textures(roughness in alpha). 18...
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    2 BadGirls Wall Posters 1.0

    2坏女孩海报:两性感和强大的风中女郎的海报网装饰你游戏的墙壁和橱柜的门。你可以很容易地改变网格上的纹理,并创建自己的自定义海报。 有两个原创人物的态度,詹妮和萨米,两漫反射纹理。1024*1024。 -用钉子,126和118个多边形建模的两个不同的海报网格。 如果你想要一个有光泽的效果,你可以改变纹理模式到高光。默认的纹理是扩散和外观磨砂,这两种风格看起来很酷。 纹理可以自定义与任何其他图像。两层PSD文件都包括在内。 2 Bad Girls Wall Posters: Two sexy and powerful pinup girls on poster meshes for...
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    Posters and Boards 1.0

    海报板 统一4 \/ 5 包中包含: 24的FBX模型,8种类型各3个变化 -信息板,公告板,海报 -预设、纹理、材料 展示厅与FPS控制器演示场景 Posters and boards Unity 4/5 Package contains: - 24 fbx models, 8 types each in 3 variations - Info-boards, bulletin boards, posters - Prefabs, textures, materials - Show room - demo scene with FPS controller
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    预览 Artday - Creative Shop Template 等待分享

    ARTDAY is a fully responsive Single Product Template built with Bootstrap Framework. Single Product Template that can be used by a creative artist, agency, shop, for selling your prints. ARTDAY HTML FEATURES Creative Shop Design 15 Fully responsive HTML template files 4 home pages 3 Header...
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    预览 Eddie, The Poster | Facebook multi account post scheduler 等待分享

    Eddie, The Poster – a lightweight assistant / tool developed to help you share your posts/links/photos on profiles, pages and groups. Assistant alows you to share your content and drive Facebook traffic to your website/blog/page. Live Demo Demo: Eddie, The Poster user: pass...
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    预览 Gamba Facebook Friends and Groups Autoposter v1.3 等待分享

    Version 1.3 LOADING … Changes log some bug fixes Post image design Change Added features Time delay incresed installation system posting Pause Reporting system and many more Get instance support Installation tutorial Version 1.2.2 Get accesstoken using graph api or HTC application or your...
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    预览 King poster | Facebook group auto poster script 等待分享

    Support / Questions / Suggestions Please Email us using the Support contact form Or At Kingposter is a lightweight tool developed to help you share your posts/links on groups. Kingposter alows you to share your content and drive Facebook traffic to your...
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    预览 Gold MOVIES 等待分享

    Gold MOVIES is simple and awesome movies script. You can simply search and watch your movie. You need to add Movies, TV Shows, Episodes manually from admin-panel. You can create more succesfull website with many advertising spaces. It has Google Adsense and Google Analytics Support. So Why are...
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    预览 Origins - Video Games Portal 等待分享

    Origins is a fully featured, stand-alone application that provides you with everything you need to build functional, modern and beautiful video games website. You can access admin area demo here, note that all destructive actions like deleting, creating and editing are disabled on demo site...
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    预览 MTDb - Ultimate Movie&TV Database 等待分享

    MTDb allows you to easily create your own fully functional Movies and TV shows site in minutes with zero coding knowledge. Requirements PHP >= 5.4 MCrypt PHP Extension (enabled by default) PDO Extension (enabled by default) php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default) MySQL...

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