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    预览 Graph Poll 等待分享

    Create and customize your own poll. Innovative, fun graph poll dynamically allows users to answer a question and vote. Great interactive feature to add to your website. Adding this easy to use poll will add stickiness to your website. File features include: No database needed. Easy to install...
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    预览 phpDolphin Forum Module 等待分享

    May the ideas flow! Keep a forum for your phpDolphin network users. You can create an unlimited number of categories, forums and subforums, set moderators and privileges, choose between three text editors (visual/WYSIWYG, BBcode and Markdown), review posts before they’re becoming public (if you...
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    预览 Poll Plugin for phpDolphin 等待分享

    The Poll Plugin for phpDolphin – Social Network Platform offers your users a new way to interact with each other by allowing them to run polls on any subject. Features Up to 10 answers Expiration date Message form integration Vertical bar chart Retina display ready Responsive design
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    预览 Paragon Poll 等待分享

    Public survey and opinion sampling just got better and efficient with Paragon Poll. Accuracy of your visitors votes is guaranteed. They can suggest options which will be available to you in the admin panel for better feedback assessment. With Paragon poll, you can easily set-up more than one...
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    预览 Poll addon ver. 2.0 for crea8social 等待分享

    Poll addon ver. 2.0 for crea8social – PHP Social Networking Platform will allow you to create a polls in your post. Demo on: crea8social.sictron.com Login: demo Pass: 123456 VideoPreview: Features: – Work with crea8social v4.2 and higher. – Counting of votes in real time without refreshing...
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    预览 NewsMaker - CMS and Social Network 等待分享

    NewsMaker is social network and CMS for gathering user-generated content. Now you can create cool website and cultivate massive amount of great news, images, links and videos. NewsMaker comes with simple auto-installer. Easily include advertisments using Admin panel, and start making money with...
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    预览 Easy Polls 等待分享

    Poll’s for your web page. Easy to install. Easy to customize. Easy to use. Social Sharing No codimg required. Self-installation system. Style change application. No CSS editing required. Colorpicker Up to 10 questions Vote button text for each poll Expiration date Social Sharing Version 2.0...
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    预览 Survey Maker - Form Generator 等待分享

    Survey Maker Survey Maker is a powerful PHP CodeIgniter application that allows you to create unlimited Surveys and distribute them to all of your users with no limits! There are 9 different question types to choose from, including Radio, Checkbox, Text Input, Textarea, Slider, Custom Rating...
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    预览 mySurvey 等待分享

    mySurvey is a php and ajax system that allows you to run and create your own surveys faster and easier with ability to customize the questions, answers, the theme and the surveys. There are 3 easy steps to publish a survey: create a survey, add questions and answers and publish the survey...
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    预览 Voting System 等待分享

    Use our voting module if you need an easy solution to hear the vox populi, even if you´d like to make a nice interactive quizgame. Since you can define infinite number of answers to your questions, the system is fully flexible. You´d like to have multiple choice answers? No problem! Easy and...

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