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    预览 Seekable and Streamable PHP Video Player 等待分享

    Full PHP server-side code is provided in the pack. The server-side code can be used for streaming any content. The player incorporates both a client-side and a server-side component. The server-side component allows seeking through the streamed file. The client-side player features an example...
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    预览 PHPClips Video Sharing Platform 等待分享

    PHPClips is now at V2.0 release. It is a powerful video sharing platform, supporting uploads from pc or from youtube, themes, plugins, video processing with ffmpeg, and much more features. Demo logins at Important note: we provide support and answers to your...
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    预览 Media Portal Script with Responsive Themes 等待分享

    Tutorials : Installation : Media Portal Script helps you collect & organize your media like photos and videos from web and display on one platform. Media Portal can help you to fetch and show your videos,playlists from youtube,dailymotion,vimeo. Media Portal allow you to fetch standard...
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    预览 videoBox - Video Sharing Platform 等待分享

    videoBox – Video Sharing Platform videoBox is a video sharing platform based on YouTube API and your own videos. With videoBox you will be able to create your own video sharing portal through which you can share your videos with other people and make money from advertising and affiliating...

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