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    预览 Imgchat 等待分享

    Note: Chrome now needs https protocol to use html5 webcam.
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    预览 SQL Importer PHP Class 等待分享

    SQL Importer PHP Class SQL importer as called scripts is SimpleSQLImporter PHP Class , used for importing database SQL data to your MySQL server database. With this script you could import database easily and more eficiently. Also could use on Small Project as Database Importer. Also has been...
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    预览 MySQL Conversion Class 等待分享

    MySQL Conversion Class easy way to Import/Export MySQL Data; easy way to create API; get result of MySQL query as XML, JSON or associative array; print result (with headers) of MySQL query as XML, JSON or associative array; insert, update or delete data on MySQL table using XML, JSON or...
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    预览 Class Mutations - Dynamically Add Methods 等待分享

    Version 1.2 coming soon I’m working on a new version which introduces a bit more flexibility when it comes to overriding existing class methods with mutated methods. Currently, one can only add new ‘mutated’ methods but not modify existing methods. (However, you can modify ‘mutated’ methods)...