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    Pdf Generator For iOS 1.1

    这个插件将允许开发人员创建PDF文件在iOS应用和统一场景加载它。这个插件也将为开发者提供必要的C #接口统一场景加载PDF文件。 This plugin will allow developers to create pdf files in iOS applications and load it in unity scene. This plugin will also provide developers the necessary C# interfaces for loading pdf files in unity scene.
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    PDF Renderer 3.61

    PDF生成器是一个C # API和PDF浏览器渲染和可视化PDF文件在统一的应用程序在运行时(游戏中的)。 特征 *打开和运行时可视化PDF * C # API *渲染PDF页面Texture2D * PDF查看器预制(使用统一界面) * Pinch Zoom *易于自定义 *书签缩略图查看器 *支持链接 *支持文本搜索 *打开PDF从各种来源: 文件系统;文件系统 网;-网络   - streamingassets资源文件夹 字节数组;字节数组   PDF资产 支持的平台 * Windows * Linux *苹果操作系统 *...
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    预览 Corporate Blue 等待分享

    A highly adaptable premium template for yourself, your clients or your company. A fixed width template which comes with 7 layouts: Homepage with jQuery image+caption slider About us page with left sidebar and text heavy content Portfolio page with 3 columns Products page with 3 columns and...
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    预览 dFlip - 3D & 2D Flipbook jQuery Plugin 等待分享

    Presenting the modern 3D/2D Flipbook – dFlip. Smooth as a paper should be!!! Gone are the days when you had to settle with average flipbooks. From advance CSS3 version to, amazing WebGL 3D version; now available for your easy usage.. all through versatile jQuery. Supports both image and PDF...
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    预览 Real 3D FlipBook - jQuery Plugin 等待分享

    #1 Selling Flipbook on Envato Market . Are you looking for a stunning HTML5 realistic looking Flipbook for your project? Real 3D Flipbook is the only flipbook that uses WebGL to create realistic 3D books, magazines, and brochures that will blow your readers away. It is easy to use, fully...
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    预览 HTML5 Crossword 等待分享

    Create easily all the crosswords you want thanks to the admin interface, No Installation required, just upload the script and start using it right away (see documentation). admin interface Use different words and clues to test the game. user: admin password: abc Configuring a game never was so...
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    预览 iQuad - Complete iPad Project 等待分享

    THIS IS THE COMPLETE SOURCE CODE OF MY IPAD APPLICATION iQuad, IN EXCLUSIVE FOR CODECANYON! You can open iQuad project by clicking on iQuad.xcodeproj file in the folder iQuad. This project is released with the intention of allowing those who need to understand and apply the techniques with in...
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    预览 Magazine App for Android 等待分享

    Magazine App is an app for Android, designed with the new material design, which allows you transform your publication in PDF or image files in a beautiful and interactive application. If you want a live preview without installation, click here. This application does not use any expensive...
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    预览 Document Viewer App 等待分享

    Document Viewer App Features Property list based (local+remote) document list Xcode 4.5 or higher, storyboard, ARC, 4” retina support Supported file format: pdf, pages, doc, rtf, jpg, png, text etc. Asynchronous image and data loading (remote file view) Video:
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    预览 NewsstandTemplate v2 with in-App Purchases 等待分享

    NewsstandTemplate v2.0 with in-App Purchases – universal (iPhone & iPad) Xcode project for publishing iOS app at Newsstand AppStore category. Works on iOS 6 – iOS 9! Added support for auto-renewable subscriptions and paid issues. Complitable with: iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s...
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    预览 Super Sticky Notes with Admob 等待分享

    Description Super Sticky Notes is an Android application that will make you easier manage your note anywhere and anytime! Full Feature List Add, edit, delete, and view note Sort note by title, color, createdDate, lastModifiedData Draggable GridView with animation Action Bar using SearchView...
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    预览 Bundle - FlipBook jQuery 等待分享

    See my other Books: Nature FlipBook – jQuery: Mine Flipbook -jQuery: Newspaper Flipbook -jQuery:
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    预览 Newspaper Flipbook -jQuery 等待分享

    WordPress version here: PDF render Book can read PDF files without converting to jpg files. Used is an awesome library PDF.js. PDF.js works in the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE10+. Limited support for Safari, Android and IE9. NOTE: If someone wants to use locally – PDF.js...
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    预览 An AngularJS based web application 等待分享

    Overview BizRunnr is an enterprise-grade Single Page Application (SPA) built using AngularJS. It targets both web developers and small business owners. An enterprise-grade application is made up of many functional and technical features. In BizRunnr, we did all the hard-work and went through...
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    预览 Nature FlipBook - jQuery 等待分享

    See my other Books: Features: FlipBook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release. Library “turn.js 3rd release” is not included. You need to download it separately here.This library is free to personal use. If you need for commercial use – here you can buy license “3rd release”.Cost of...
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    预览 Mine Flipbook -jQuery 等待分享

    See my other Books: Features: FlipBook is based on the library turn.js 3rd release. Library “turn.js 3rd release” is not included. You need to download it separately here.This library is free to personal use. If you need for commercial use – here you can buy license “3rd release”.Cost of...
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    预览 Document Library 等待分享

    Description Document Library is a jQuery plugin that will allow you to display a collection of documents/files on your web page. The file formats that Document Viewer supports are: PDF Files Images – png, jpg, jpeg, gif Audio – mp3, m4a, oga, webma, fla Video – m4v, ogv, ogg, webmv Usage...
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    预览 PDF Attribute 等待分享

    BigHippo – PDF Attribute is a Magento extension to show a PDF file in catalog product view Features - It allows to add a PDF file as a product attribute - Shows a link to a PDF file in catalog product view You can see an example just right here Check the latest documentation at Magento...
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    预览 OpenCart Product PDF 等待分享

    Product PDF generate PDF file with your product. PDF include - Store logotype - Store address, e-mail, phone and link - Product name - Price with and without tax - Attribute table - Description - Product photo - QR code with link
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    预览 WowBook, a flipbook jQuery plugin 等待分享

    Wowbook jQuery plugin creates Flipbooks using html, images or pdf files. 3600 SALES Best seller and best rated jQuery Flipbook plugin on Envato Market PDF Support: Using the library PDF.js, Wowbook can render PDF files with support for internal links, external html links, index and...

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