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    Open WAV Parser 1.0

    保存音频数据可能非常烦人。 打开wav分析器让你把一个音频剪辑成一个字节数组格式为WAV(PCM)的文件,并让你读一个WAV文件并解析到一个音频剪辑可以在统一的游戏。 注意:你必须提供你自己的方法来根据你的平台读取文件(示例代码只能在iOS、Android和独立版上读写),或者你可以看看。文件管理它有效地集成了这个类,提供了很高的兼容性级别。 优势: -完整的源代码可用。 -与Unity支持的每一个平台兼容。 -无需插件:确保其他插件的稳定性,完全避免冲突并确保在线商店批准。 你可以转换从\/到一个单一的代码行的任何音频剪辑。 试试看,它是免费的。...
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    Effortless XML Parser 1.0

    e_xml分析器-轻松阅读和从XML直接写入数据的方式! 特征: —支持的类型:整数,浮点数,书,串 —阵列 —快速表现! —持续的更新 —小尺寸!~ 11kb DLL文件 E_XML Parser - Effortless way of reading and writing data straight from an xml ! Features : - Supported Types : Integers, Floats, Bools, Strings - Arrays - Fast Performance! - Continuous Updates - Small...
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    Simple XML Parser 1.1

    单位4。x和5! 简单的XML解析器 这是非常简单的XML解析器 当你做游戏的时候,你不必再担心困难的解析器了。 只需提供键\/值XML属性并使用它!!! 简单的XML解析器提供了非常简单的API 数,字符串,float,int,Bool Unity 4.x and 5.x Ready! Simple XML Parser This is very Simple XML parser When you make the game, you don't have to worry about difficult parser anymore. Just provide...
  4. UnityStore

    Easy XML Parser 1.4

    简单的XML解析器\/作者 有两种方法可以使用它: 1。在代码中独立。在只有1个单行的代码中,你可以解析XML文件! 2。作为一个组成部分。只需拖放一个游戏对象的选择和填写参数。 在这两种情况下,您都需要创建自己的数据类,所以解析器知道你实际上要从XML文件中的什么。这是很容易的,看到两个演示数据类。支持类的成员类型:基本类型:(联合国)签署int 16 \/ 32 \/ 64、布尔、字符串、浮等。如果我得到足够的请求,我可以添加其他类型(复杂的)以及。 独立的XML解析...
  5. UnityStore

    Advanced INI Parser 1.0

    处理INI文件和保存\/载入游戏数据提供方便。\r 特征 -读,插入,修改,删除部分和关键值。 跨平台。 支持字符串、布尔、整型、双、日期时间、等。 -支持INI的评论。 线程安全访问文件锁。 缓存内容通过字典来提高性能。 用文本文件和textasset工作。 Handle ini files and save/load your game data with ease... Features - Read, insert, modify, delete section and key value. - Cross-platform. - Support string...
  6. UnityStore

    PSD to uGUI Parser 1.7

    支持文本层! PSD uGUI解析器8步骤帮助你创建你自己的用户界面: 把PSD文件的文件夹 改变纹理类型的文件到“精灵(二维和用户界面)” 更改默认的最大尺寸的纹理值大于或等于最大的文件或文件(大小高度怀特> =(max(文件。高度,文件。怀特))) 按下鼠标右键在你的PSD文件并选择“转换为uGUI” 选择要转换的图层。 选择类型转换(阿特拉斯或文件夹与层) 按开始 等几秒钟 利润 PSD文件中的所有层将在他们的地方,而且如果你叫一层,例如,“Button”按钮组件将自动连接。 最后更新!! 支持文本图层导入到统一的用户界面文本! 演示视频 论坛 Text layers...
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    预览 Ebay Product Importer 等待分享

    Description This extension allows you to import product information from Ebay. All you need to do is copy the URL-Address of the product page and Importer will import the rest: Images Title Description Meta Keywords Meta Description Importer comes bundled-up with another high-quality...
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    预览 Taobao, Aliexpress, Alibaba Importer 等待分享

    Description This extension allows you to import product images from the most popular online stores in the world. All you need to do is copy the URL-Address of the product page and Importer will do the rest. Importer comes bundled-up with another high-quality extension for easier and faster...
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    预览 JSONViewer - A User Friendly Data Viewer 等待分享

    Visualize JSON files with ease. The best way to visualize data. JSONViewer is a user friendly, easy to use, lightweight, vanilla JS script written in OOP syle. You can use this script to visualize those ugly JSON text files in an interactive pleasant way Features overview: Take a glance at...
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    预览 javascript bbcode parser 等待分享

    This plugin will parse bbc code to formatted html so the browser is able to show you a designed page. This plugin is based on jquery, so you can use jquery to select the elements that have bbcode you want to parse. The plugin gets the bbcode tags from a json file where you can easily add your...
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    预览 Filmow Parser for Laravel 等待分享

    Information Filmow Parser for Laravel is a PHP class that allows you to get information from any title (movies and tv shows) from and easily integrate with your Laravel project in less than 2 minutes. With this class you can grab the following info from any title: Title; Original...
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    预览 IMDB Parser 等待分享

    Description IMDB Parser is a PHP class that allows you to get everything you want from the IMDB database, it supports both movies and TV series. Here is a list of fields that you can grab using this class : Title Year Runtime Genre Stars Stars with Links Rating Rating count Metascore Directors...
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    预览 HTML5 Parser 等待分享

    A HTML5 Parser written in PHP5+ let you manipulate HTML in a very easy way; Require PHP 5+; Supports invalid HTML; Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery; Extract contents from HTML in a single line;
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    预览 Excel Parser - Parse & Retrieve Data from Excel 等待分享

    This PHP class can be used to parse and extract data from Excel XLS spreadsheet files. Moreover, the class provides functions also to retrieve data for the spreadsheet worksheets, rows and cells. The script allows you to upload the excel file and just press the PARSE button and the rest of the...
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    预览 RSS Aggregator - Niche RSS Site Builder 等待分享

    RSS Aggregator is a RSS Feed Content Site Builder to Create an Instant and Automatic Niche Money Making website or you can even use it as your Personal Google RSS Reader with your favorite blog/rss feed collections. RSS Aggregator PHP Script | Forum & Feature Requests | (Demo...

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