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    PagedRect - Paging, Galleries, and Menus for Unity UI 1.20

    pagedrect一个完整的统一的UI分页解决方案。 pagedrect可以用于: -创建多页教程 -创建多页面菜单 创建图像滑块 创建向导 创建标签的看法 -创建自定义的用户界面元素 Web GL演示 特征: -包括完整源代码 自动按钮生成 支持水平和垂直分页 导航使用屏幕上的按钮,键盘输入和\/或滑动手势 -连续滚动可选scrollrect一体化 - 3个可选的动画类型(幻灯片水平,幻灯片垂直,褪色)或没有 -可选的第一\/最后一个按钮 -可选的上一步\/下一个按钮 -轻松启用或禁用按钮(有用的向导或教程) -在编辑器中的页面之间轻松切换...
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    预览 tQuery - Dynamic tables 等待分享

    If you are interested in a more advanced datagrid based on jQuery, we are working on jQueryGrid, make sure to subscribe to the mailing list. 08/10/2012 Pagination bug fix 23/08/2012 Sorting and Pagination bug fixes. tQuery tQuery makes simple HTML tables dynamic. The script combines power...
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    预览 Custom Theme Pager 等待分享

    Custom Theme Pager is a sophisticated jQuery, CSS and BootStrap plugin fusion to create pagers that can be easily Implemented and have a various options with Theme Selections and Plugin Customization
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    预览 ZPager - PHP Pagination with Bootstrap 等待分享

    This class can generate listing pagination links. Easy to customize. Support Bootstrap, MySQL and Smarty Template Engine. You can configure it in seconds ZPager is a backbone library in our featured product Sngine – Social Engine Platform Live Examples: We already use ZPager in our live...

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