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    Forest Pack (161 items) 1.0

    This pack contains: 30 Trees * 4 Seasons = 120 Trees 10 Fir-Trees * 2 Seasons = 20 Fir-Trees 21 Bonus Items: 1. Logs (3). 2. Stones (8 ). 3. Grass (3). 4. Mushrooms (3). 5. Snowman (1). 6. Stub (1). 7. Thuja (2). Totally: 161 3D Models.
  2. UnityStore

    Big Vegetation Pack 1.0

    This Pack contains full set of game object to create landscape scene for your project. It contains 200+ lowpoly game object with variation to match with different environment style. This Pack Contains Environment for * Desert * Tropical * Winter Some background mountains are added and various...
  3. UnityStore

    Toon Spaceship - Modular Pack #1 1.0

    This package includes an amazing toon spaceship with 5 different colors. You can modify every part of the spaceship, duplicate, change the size or te position to make different designs of the same spaceship. It includes the demos scene with the spaceship with the 5 different colores and an skybox.
  4. UnityStore

    Enkar Republic Fighters Mega Pack 1.0

    This mega pack contains 6 fighters of the Enkar Republic with weapons. It can be used in space RTS games or in a topdown or sidescroller game. It can also be used in a 3rd person spaceship shooter. With this mega pack you save 25% compared to purchasing the models separately. - Fighter Enkur...
  5. UnityStore

    UK Thatched Houses Pack 1 1.0

    Introduction: A collection of 6 low poly thatched cottage style houses, absolutely ideal for any background village / town / city scene. Each house will come with 3 different texture maps along with a mirrored version making a total of 36 different house variations. Just drag any of the assets...
  6. UnityStore

    Texture Material & Modular Prefab Starter Pack 1.0

    All textures with normals, some have added height and occlussion. Content: 120 textures: -Asphalt (5 tex 1024p) -Bricks (11 tex 1024p) -Cement (5 tex 1024p) -Grass (8 tex 1024p) -Ground (20 tex 1024p) -Metal (4 tex 512p) -Planets (1 tex 1024p) -Roof (1 tex 1024p) -Sand (6 tex 1024p) -Snow (2 tex...
  7. UnityStore

    Pirates Icons Pack 1.0

    Set of 131 hand drawn Pirates icons. All icons are of a high quality and implemented in a professional level. A good choice for any game in the fantasy style. All Icons have transparent background so you can place it on any surface you need. - Each icon is 256x256 pixels size (PNG); - 131...
  8. UnityStore

    PIxel Pack - Forest 1.0

    High-quality pixel art assets Suitable for 2D games such as platforms, shooter or endless runners. Detailed NEO-GEO™/VGA era aesthetics. Watch video • More than 300 elements to build forest/wilderness scenes • Original .psd files included • Playable scene showcasing most of the elements...
  9. UnityStore

    Orc Laughter Pack 1 1.0

    A set of 15 large fantasy creature laughters, ideal for Orcs, Giants, Ogres and similar File list: Orc Laughter 1 Orc Laughter 2 Orc Laughter 3 Orc Laughter 4 Orc Laughter 5 Orc Laughter 6 Orc Laughter 7 Orc Laughter 8 Orc Laughter 9 Orc Laughter 10 Orc Laughter 11 Orc Laughter 12 Orc...
  10. UnityStore

    Orc Pain Voice Pack 3 1.0

    A set of 15 pain vocalizations performed as an Orc or other large fantasy creature. File list: Orc Pain 16 Orc Pain 17 Orc Pain 18 Orc Pain 19 Orc Pain 20 Orc Pain 21 Orc Pain 22 Orc Pain 23 Orc Pain 24 Orc Pain 25 Orc Death 10 Orc Death 11 Orc Death 12 Orc Death 13 Orc Death 14
  11. UnityStore

    Orc Pain Voice Pack 2 1.0

    A set of 15 pain vocalizations performed as an Orc or other large fantasy creature. File list: Orc Pain 6 Orc Pain 7 Orc Pain 8 Orc Pain 9 Orc Pain 10 Orc Pain 11 Orc Pain 12 Orc Pain 13 Orc Pain 14 Orc Pain 15 Orc Death 5 Orc Death 6 Orc Death 7 Orc Death 8 Orc Death 9
  12. UnityStore

    Orc Pain Voice Pack 1 1.0

    A set of 9 pain vocalizations performed as an Orc or other large fantasy creature. File list: Orc Pain 1 Orc Pain 2 Orc Pain 3 Orc Pain 4 Orc Pain 5 Orc Death 1 Orc Death 2 Orc Death 3 Orc Death 4
  13. UnityStore

    Orc Voice Pack 3 1.0

    A set of 30 various humorous voice effects, performed as an Orc or similar large fantasy character. File list: Orc Angry 8 Orc Cheer 4 Orc Cheer 5 Orc Confused 7 Orc Confused 8 Orc Confused 9 Orc Confused 10 Orc Confused 11 Orc Confused 12 Orc Confused 13 Orc Confused 14 Orc Confused 15 Orc...
  14. UnityStore

    Orc Voice Pack 2 1.0

    A set of 30 various humorous voice effects, performed as an Orc or similar large fantasy character. File list: Orc Angry 1 Orc Angry 2 Orc Angry 3 Orc Angry 4 Orc Angry 5 Orc Angry 6 Orc Angry 7 Orc Cheer 1 Orc Cheer 2 Orc Cheer 3 Orc Confused 1 Orc Confused 2 Orc Confused 3 Orc Confused 4...
  15. UnityStore

    Robotic SFX Pack 6 1.0

    A set of 10 recordings of real industrial machinery and vehicles containing heavy robotic servos. Each sound can be a perfect fit for futuristic robots, doors, gates and any other mechanical, moving objects. File list: Jammed Robotic Mechanism 1 Jammed Robotic Mechanism 2 Jammed Robotic...
  16. UnityStore

    Herbal Icon Pack 2.0

    82个手绘UI图标集。 在256×256像素的PNG格式图标。 总共82个独特的图标。 Set of 82 hand painted UI icons. All icons at 256×256 pixels in .png format. 82 unique icons in total.
  17. UnityStore

    Light Quiz Music Pack 1.0

    用我们的游戏来浸泡你的智力游戏6个独特的音乐循环从声学冷吉他到可爱和乐观的风格。这些音乐循环适应几乎任何益智游戏等琐事,记忆游戏,现货的差异、智力游戏、数学和智力游戏需要的浓度。 包装也伴随着17 sfxs除了帮助启动你的问答游戏的变化!sfxs包括点击按钮,计时器,对正确和错误的答案和更多的毒刺! 完整的音乐轨道预览+下载 [ MP3版本,水印] SoundCloud 专辑收录: [音乐]
 1。小立方体 全(0:38) - Lite(0:38) 2。夜晚的天空 全(号0:43) NoPer(号0:43)三.打听流全(0:34) - Lite(0:34) 4。地毯大鼠...
  18. UnityStore

    Space Adventures - Starter Pack 1.0

    两个动画角色开始你的太空冒险! 包含在这个包中: 2特点:经典的外星人和宇航员(Starter版本) 具有优化多边形数的动画字符: - lod0:12k三 - lod1:6k三 - lod2:3k三 包括16个动画 4k PBR纹理 钻机装备成人形 包括面部钻机。 Two animated characters to start your space adventures! Included in this package: -2 characters: Classic Alien and Cosmonaut (Starter Versions) Animated...
  19. UnityStore

    Beware The Dark - Horror Atmospheres Pack 1.0

    准备好让恐惧进入你的游戏,小心黑暗! 这个包包含五个背景音乐完美的鬼屋,收容所,和其他一系列环境。 每个轨道可以循环,并谈到在WAV,OGG,MP3格式。 暗月 地下世界 被遗忘的理由 心跳的深渊 恶魔巢穴 Get ready to put the scares into your game with Beware The Dark! This pack contains five ambient tracks perfect for haunted houses, asylums, and a host of other environments. Each track can be...
  20. UnityStore

    Drones Sci Fi Pack 1.01

    ***迫害荒地无人机演示* ***迫害城堡无人机演示* *重荒地无人机演示* ***重型堡垒无人机演示*** *守护神荒地无人机演示* *防卫城堡的无人机演示* *前哨荒地无人机演示* ***哨兵要塞无人机演示*** 在科幻雄蜂包 你会发现4大聚的无人驾驶飞机,与2的4K纹理PBR材料AAA级质量,包括反照率地图,法线贴图,粗糙度图、金属地图,发射图,贴图和环境oclussion地图。 1城堡的皮肤 1荒地的皮肤 随着6动画包括空转、开始飞行、飞行、停止飞行、打击和扫描。扫描仪中的光斑效应与移动时的跟踪效果。 ****Persecutor...
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