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    Easy OOP Scripts Extensions 1.0

    这个扩展可以帮助你快速的创建基于项目的建筑设计。 包括的功能: 输入您的子类名称 +可能在名字加undescores +在父文件夹或自定义文件夹中添加脚本的可能性 +的可能性重新父选定的脚本在一次点击 所谓的创造:窗口- Child Class Creator 或 资产-创建-子类 如果你喜欢它-率它,请:) This extensions helps you quickly create OOP based project architecture. Included features: + Enter your child class name + Possibility to...
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    预览 YT Channel - YouTube Channel API PHP Class 等待分享

    YT Channel : php class to get your youtube cannel data (info & playlists & videos & download & more .. ) by API V3 Install Class : [1] – require (‘YT-Channel.php’); [2] – $YT_Channel = new YTChannel(‘your app key’); [3] – $YT_Channel->class_name(); Online Documentation Features : Channel...
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    预览 SC Media - Soundcloud Listen And Download Sounds 等待分享

    Before Install Script : [1] – create new database [2] – import sc_db.sql to your database [3] – open config.php file and edit your site information and database connection Features : OOP PHP and MYSQLi Compatible With Ajax Custom Sound Player Popular Sounds Page Contact Us Page Multi...
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    预览 AH Tickets - Help And Support System 等待分享

    AH Tickets : help and support tickets system , It’s built PHP MVC use with OOP and Bootstrap 3.x framework And LESS CSS , Whether it is mobile or tablet . Customer Test Account Email : demo@test.com Pass : demo123456 Stuff Test Account Email : stuff@test.com Pass : stuff123456 Admin Test...
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    预览 Cases - Support Ticket System 等待分享

    Cases is a simple ticket system that allows customers to create new tickets that can be answered by certain members. Cases is not built from any PHP frameworks or CSS design frameworks so it’s not confusing and is really easy to modify. Features: - Simple clean design - Built with PHP & OOP...
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    预览 Social Facebook Posts timeline PHP class 等待分享

    Social Seo Facebook Posts responsive timeline PHP OOP class Requires PHP 5.3x and Curl or url fopen. It is coded using PHP 5 OOP Use facebook as your news feed on your website. Grab the attention from your visitor and let them share your post to twitter, Google+, linkedin or lead them to your...
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    预览 Socialbook - The premium social network platform 等待分享

    You want to create a new and cool social network which is almost like facebook with his features? Don’t worry anymore, our team of 4 persons is always glad to update iBook and to work on with it. We’ve implemented very much unique features which other social networks on codecanyon haven’t got...
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    预览 PHP Configuration System 等待分享

    Changelog version 2.0.3! (September 23, 2014) Warning: version 2 is not backwards-compatible with older versions! Version 2 allows you to save and create configurations at run-time (on the fly). It includes a video tutorial too! Set values using config->set method Has a new “namespace”...
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    预览 iProtect - Display content after authentification 等待分享

    iProtect – Display content after a successful authentification You’ve got a very private content which only a few people should see? No problem! With this cool script you’ll be able to protect it from others! Import only one line into your .php file and it will do the magic! This is the line...
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    预览 usefulPHP Class 等待分享

    usefulPHP is a useful class that contains more functions, in order to permit the user to improve its process in order to create applications Demo: Live Demo
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    预览 E-BLOG - New Definition Of Blog 等待分享

    E-Blog is a web application CMS (Content Management System) built in PHP based on MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) written in OOP technique, with PDO (PHP Data Objects) as a method of connecting to a DBMS (MySQL ). The design is developed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript using frameworks...
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    预览 Simple PHP Login System 等待分享

    About “Brilliant, simple and secure” – Buyer This simple PHP login system is formed to be easily implemented into any new or current existing website to allow webmasters/owners to give their users an area to login, be able to restrict their pages from anonymous visitors, or display custom...