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    预览 Simple Backup Files and mySQL using PHP 等待分享

    Backup Dropbox Google Drive Simple Backup WHAT IS IT? This PHP script is a powerful tool that let you backup every aspect of your site: 1. It Backup all your Web-Files (and don’t use shell_exec) 2. Make a ZIP or TAR File (depending on the server configuration) 3. Also backup all mySQL...
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    预览 Backup Manager for MailWizz EMA 等待分享

    Backup Manager for MailWizz EMA This extension enables one-click backup and scheduled backups for your MailWizz EMA powered application! Since MailWizz EMA is under a continue and active development, releasing new version on a regular basis, it’s always a strugle and time consuming task to...
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    预览 BigSQL - Mysql Big Dumper 等待分享

    BigSQL – Mysql Big Dumper Is coded with PHP OOP techniques. Can import sql file of any size. SQL file by reading line by line is working. PSR is coded according to the standards. You can import large files to SQL (100MB – 1GB – 10GB…). Script can continue from where it left off. Gallery

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