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    Multi-Language 1.0.0

    这种多语言工具将很容易地解决您的本地化需求。 对于任何问题和支持联系 This multi-language tool will easily solve your localization needs. Contact for any questions and support
  2. UnityStore

    Multi-Language Tool 1.0

    多语言的工具是一个非常独特的工具,你可以很容易的把你的游戏文本创建一个简单的列表在Unity编辑器,你可以添加许多语言作为您想要的然后应用不同的翻译名称ID,您将使用后的。它很好的集成了新的用户界面和旧的图形用户界面系统。多语言工具将有助于你卖你的游戏世界各地! 演示场景|网站|文档 特征: -翻译是分配的,根据当前的语言自动转换。 -数据被保存在一个XML文件中,使它更轻,更容易加载。 -将保存的用户界面画布的简单脚本;您的时间编码。 -清洁和非常简单的理解,在一个编辑器窗口中显示的界面。 -充分和充分说明文档,包括。...
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    预览 Hanbai - Multi-language domain for sale 等待分享

    WARNING: WE ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR THIS PROJECT Overview Hanbai is a modern HTML/CSS page designed to advertise web sites or domain names on sale. Setting up the site is super easy! Theme features Php based multi-language support Valid HTML5 Doctype @font-face custom font...
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    预览 Triangular - Material Design Admin Template AngularJS 等待分享

    Triangular is a unique Material Design Admin Template built with AngularJS. Unlike most material design admin templates available today, Triangular has been built from the ground up using Google’s own Angular Material Design project. This makes triangular the only fully Material Design admin...
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    预览 Estate Pro - Real Estate HTML Template 等待分享

    Main Features 8 Different Ready-Made Skins 5 Header Variations Google Map Listings Front-End Submission form (HTML form) Retina Ready Fully Responsive Built in Bootstrap Amazing CSS3 Effects/Animations Optimized Code Simple & Easy to Use/Customize 13 HTML Pages Google Map Font Awesome icons...
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    预览 TIME - Responsive Coming Soon Page 等待分享

    TIME is a countdown that can be used like an under construction / coming soon page to announce when it will be online, or to advertise an event or launched a product. TIME has an animated hourglass in the background, its responsive and very easy to setup: add the launch date, chose a theme and...
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    预览 ElegantTwo - Animation Responsive Coming Soon Page 等待分享

    ElegantTwo – Responsive under construction page with automatic language selection depending on the locale browser. This theme has 9 languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese). You can configure a unique color scheme of the 256 colors background...
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    预览 Waffle - HTML5 Word Game 等待分享

    Waffle was awarded as the best word game in HTML5 Most Wanted contest Waffle is a HTML5 Word game. The goal of the game is to compose as many words as possible in two minutes! This game has been developed in HTML5/js and third-party library CreateJs – CreateJS | A suite of JavaScript...
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    预览 ESCAPE THE FUZZ 等待分享

    Want to engage yourself into the ultimate high speed chase against the cops? Escape the Fuzz allows you to do all of that, all while testing your reflexes and improving your reaction speed! The main idea in Escape the Fuzz is simple, you just need to control the hero using the arrow keys and...
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    预览 Pac Maker 等待分享

    Last Update: 13 April 2016 Added support for joystick/joypad on Chrome and Firefox. Game fluidity increase. Updated to melonJS version 3.0. Fixed potential error parsing map’s path layer. HTML5 arcade game ready to be deployed or to be customized. Drive the character thru the maze avoiding to...
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    预览 Mamma Mia Zombies! 等待分享

    Update 28/03/2015 Added support for Windows Phone 8.1 This is an HTML5 arcade game with RPG point of view. Collect all coins for complete level, avoid getting bitten from zombies, use axe for kill them. You can customize many game aspects by editing the configuration file or even reskin it by...
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    预览 Joe Volcano 等待分享

    Customize it, wrap it with CocoonJS and publish it as mobile App Joe Volcano is a supremely addictive, yet easy to learn game. This browser-based game is designed to test your reflexes, truly a game of pure skill. In this heated, fast-paced scroller game, the player controls Joe Volcano as he...
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    预览 jQuery Range Calendar Plugin 等待分享

    jQuery Range Calendar is a new approach to a classic calendar. It allows you to select a range of dates simply by resizing the right edge with an easy drag and drop. The calendar is perfect for short and medium range selection.f
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    预览 DBanner - Panel with editable size of banners 等待分享

    DBanner extension is based on the gridster.js. Gridster is a jQuery plugin that allows building intuitive draggable/movable, sliding layouts from elements, spanning multiple columns. The extension allows dynamical adding, removing or resizing elements from the grid. All elements allows...
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    预览 Prestashop Slideshows and Custom Banners 等待分享

    This is a Prestashop module aimed to help merchants and developers to add custom Slideshows and banners to their shop, everywhere. You can use it to add any number of slideshows or banners to any number of Hooks, for each shop language (multilanguage). For each slide/banner you can assign a web...
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    预览 CSS3 Slider 等待分享

    DESCRIPTION CSS3 Slider for Prestashop allows you to create on your homepage a slideshow using latest CSS3 technics. INSTALL / UNINSTALL : Installation of the CSS3 Slider module is made by the classic step : In the « Administration => Modules » tab of your shop, add the module from your...
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    预览 HTML Content Box for OpenCart 等待分享

    Put anything like third party ad code, third party newsletter subscription forms, third party banner codes, links Features: html support set show in box and not show in box set stories when module will be display Set categories when module will be display Multi Language Support Multi Store...
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    预览 Slider Maker 等待分享

    Slider Maker – Visual Admin Tool to create Responsive Image Sliders, Galleries, Carousels. Multilanguage – Responsive – Lightweight – Multipurpose Slider Maker creates Layered Sliders, Galleries, Carousels, Slideshows using a beautiful & easy graphical tool. Slider Maker is ready to use : no...
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    预览 Laravel CRUD - Laravel ajax CRUD - CRUD Builder - CMS - Role Permission - ajax uploder - REST API 等待分享

    Overview Create Awesome & Professional CRUD Ajax in Laravel 5.2. YEP Laravel Ajax included CRUD (Create, read, update and delete) Based on REST API And do actions with jQuery Ajax functions.In this script you can define custom permission and related to role and finally Assign to user. Also you...
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    预览 Psquares school management system 等待分享

    Psquares School Management is a powerful school management system that is designed with the aim to manage the school records with ease. The responsible layout allows you to use in desktop as well as tablet and mobile. It can be run offline or online. It covers maximum modules that can a school...

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