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    BM (10 Desert Background Mountains) 1.0

    “BM(10沙漠背景山脉)”是William White的创作。 该计划包括10座网格随着他们的总部贴图和法线贴图(2048 x 2048像素)。 BM的内容: * 10目 * 10漫纹理 * 10法线贴图 脸谱网官方页面\/交流的官方网页 联系人 即时响应: (推特) "BM (10 Desert Background Mountains)" is a creation of William White . The package includes 10 Mountain Meshes along...
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    Painted Skybox - Above the clouds (with and without mountains) 1.1

    两个数字画天空盒以上的云天空(一山一无)。 Two digital painted skyboxes of a sky above the clouds (one with mountains and one without).
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