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  1. UnityStore

    Hand Painted Tileable Dirt Ground Textures 1.0

    手绘制作泥土地面纹理。 纹理是512x512 有5个版本的土壤和土壤质地与正常地图。 Hand painted tileable dirt ground textures. Textures are 512x512 There are 5 versions of dirt and soil ground textures with normal map.
  2. UnityStore

    Hand Painted Stone Wall Textures 1.0

    手绘石头\/砖墙纹理 六个版本的石头纹理包括与正常地图。 Hand painted stone/brick wall textures Six versions of stone texture included with normal maps.
  3. UnityStore

    Hand Painted Wall & Ground Stone Textures 1.0

    手绘石头纹理 20石纹理不同模式组和材料。 正常地图也包括在内。 Hand Painted Stone Textures 20 Stone textures with different patternt groups and materials. Normal maps are also included.
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