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    Visual Variable Monitoring 1.0

    这是一个统一的插件来帮助你轨道任何公共变量在视觉上的实时,作为一个覆盖当你玩的时候。 你可以直接看到什么样的影响,你的互动与一个特定的跟踪变量。 你可以调整曲线的过程中,零件图的绘制,但比赛时也使用Margin GUIButtons: 缘边:选择如果边缘信息显示在左侧,右侧或根本不。 边缘宽度:屏幕边缘宽度的比率 布局模式:你可以选择,如果你希望你的曲线绘制重叠自己(与自己的比例),或堆叠。 绝对模式:如果你想检查的价值量管理(打开),或如果签署事宜(关闭),在这种情况下0.0f价值将中值。 不透明度:允许您调整曲线的不透明度。 已知的限制(或未来的路线图目标):...
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    预览 Uptime Tracking Plugin for Minecraft Servers List 等待分享

    This is the Uptime Tracking plugin for the Minecraft Servers List script. This plugin will add Uptime Tracking for each server and display it on the servers page, colored, depending on the actual uptime percentage of the server. Easy installation ( copy and paste ) and configuration through a...
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    预览 BoxStatus - The Advanced Server Status Dashboard 等待分享

    BoxStatus is a standalone application that is ready for you to integrate into your current system or use straight off the bat. It has multiple views for you to best track your servers. There is a modern tile overview, containing each server’s information in a grid like pattern along with a...
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    预览 WURM - Website Uptime Robot Monitor 等待分享

    WURM is a framework based website uptime robot monitoring service which you can use to monitor any number of yoiur websites. If one of your sites goes down you? robot will quick notice about problem by email so you can check your “downed” site out. Some features of WURM include: Check site or...
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    预览 TinyMTR - Simple Server Monitoring 等待分享

    Main Features Monitor multiple servers Automated web installer Allow users to sign up Ping from multiple countries Add an exernal file for advanced details SMS & Email alerts available Beautiful charts Mobile friendly layout Monitor memory, load and disk space View all users that have signed...

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